German telecom company T-Systems MMS buys Polkadot tokens

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions (MMS) purchased an unknown amount of DOT tokens, the native coin of the Polkadot blockchain. The company is a subsidiary of German telecommunications giant T-systems GmbH. With this purchase, Polkadot is the fourth blockchain project the company has invested in. Previously, T-Systems MMS also invested in Chainlink, Dapper Labs, and Celo.

With this latest collaboration, T-systems MMS wants to use its resources for the maintenance and security of the Polkadot blockchain network. According to the company, MMS T-systems will be a validator on the Polkadot network. This will help companies promote secure communication between independent blockchains.

T-Systems MMS will enhance the Polkadot ecosystem
T-Systems is one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies. Earlier this year, the company started its participation in the public blockchain by investing in CELO. Since then, T-Systems has significantly improved the infrastructure and strategic approach of the DeFi platform. Hence, its recent investment in the DOT token is expected to bring similar results for the Polkadot network.

Polkadot increased its network significantly throughout the year. Last week the blockchain platform launched its first Parachain. This will help the network diversify its independent blockchain ecosystem and improve connections between networks. Parachains will help prepare the ecosystem for the upcoming Metaverse and Web 3.0.

The adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is really increasing in 2021. T-System’s continued interest in blockchain networks will certainly pave the way for more telecommunications companies to move into the crypto space. The announcement by T-systems has pushed up DOT prices. Altcoins are recovering from a month-long market crash and find support at $27. The DOT token has increased 11% in the last 24 hours and is currently trading at $28.09.