Fords Stock Rose 18% Last Month Will It Continue Post Q3 Earnings?

Ford (NYSE:F) shares are up 18% in the last 21 trading days. In comparison, the broader S&P 500 was up 2.1% over the same period. This spike was triggered after Ford announced the Revolutionary Electrification Plan. More than $30 billion is expected to be invested by 2025, with 40 to 50 percent of Ford’s global vehicles being electric vehicles by 2030.

Earlier this month, Ford planned to invest an additional $11.4 billion to create about 11,000 new jobs at three battery factories. New BlueOvalSK, one in Tennessee and two in Kentucky. The announcement builds on Ford’s plans to focus more on electricity as a step forward for the company.

Ford will announce third-quarter 2021 results on Wednesday, October 27. Is F stock ready to go up now? Based on machine learning analysis of stock price trends over the past decade, there is a 39% chance that F stock will rise in price in the next month (21 trading days). For more information, see Ford’s Stock Price Rise Opportunity Analysis.

5 days: F 4.6%, vs S&P500 1.3%; Featured market

(10% chance of an event)

Ford shares were up 4.6% for the 5-day trading period ending October 22, 2021, compared to the overall market (S&P500), which grew 1.3%
A change of 4.6% or more in 5 trading days has a 10% probability of occurrence of 257 of the 2517 events in the last 10 years.
Chance to climb

10.: F 7.9%, vs. S&P500 4.2%; Featured market

(10% chance of an event)

Ford shares up 7.9% versus broader market (S&P500) 4.2% in last 10 trading days (2 weeks)
A change of 7.9% or more in 10 trading days has a 10% chance of events out of 243 of 2517 events in the last 10 years.
21: F 18%, vs. S&P500 2.1%; Featured market

(4% chance of an event)

Ford shares up 18% versus broader market (S&P500) 2.1% in last 21 trading days (1 month)
A change of 18% or more in 21 trading days has a 4% chance of an event out of 94 of the 2516 events in the last 10 years.
Ford stock may rise in the short term, but it’s a better sector to bet on than F. stock. Again, Ford Comparison Summarize how your company competes with its peers on key metrics.

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