Essay on wonder of science

We live in the age of science, new discoveries of science are changing the life of every person on this planet. These inventions have become an integral part of our lives and our life cannot be imagined without science.

Essay on wonder of science
Essay on wonder of science

It may be Sunday or it may be Monday or maybe some other day, taking science to enhance we may progress day by day

Introduction Of Science

No introduction can introduce science to the dark dawn of creation, when a man opens his eyes, and sees the blazing sun, the rushing river, gurgling cataracts, and screaming in astonishment.

What are these?

A distant question can be answered completely by science. Today, science has succeeded in discovering the fundamental thing that makes scientists call it our universe

Increasing steps of science:-

“Discoveries are made when, feelings run ahead of thinking”

This type of systematic knowledge is called science. The qualities of curiosity, vigilance and observation of modern humans gave birth to science, with the discovery of truth and fire, people opened the door of development on July 20, 1969, people first stepped on the moon and conquered nature.


“No heat, no cold sciences a full hold”

The invention of electricity is one of the greatest wonders of modern science, electricity is a great source of energy, all household electrical appliances such as televisions, fans, etc. and the gift of science.

Electricity is the most amazing discovery of science. ironing and washing our clothes, running our factory. it cools and heats our homes and illuminates our homes and streets at night, it makes life without electricity impossible.

Medical science

“Science has given, eyes to the blind, ¬†legs to the lame, years to the deaf, and arms to the armless”

Medical science has developed rapidly for people’s lives, the discovery of drugs and surgery has helped cure many deadly diseases. Science causes blind feet, limbs, and deafness, advances in medicine, as well as transplants, are now possible.

Science has cured people of deadly diseases, and made us healthier and happier, and heart and kidney transplants are possible with the help of science, medicines and vaccinations against malaria, typhoid, smallpox, cholera, etc. Modern devices like X-ray, ECG, and sonography are also useful in medicine.

Science in education

Students and children are more likely to rise to a technologically and scientifically advanced world, people need to be educated scientifically to succeed. Ideally, science is how students think, learn, solve problems, and make the right decisions.

Means of transport

Vehicles such as buses, cars, trains, airplanes, and ships are also contributions to science. Today we can reach any part of the world in minutes. In ancient times, people traveled by oxcart, today, with the help of trains, airplanes, etc., we can travel from one place to another very quickly in a matter of seconds. Rapid means of transportation have gained time and distance.

Means of communication

Science has simplified the communication process for all of us, we can use scientific inventions such as mobile phones, faxes, telegrams, etc. for long distance communication. TV wireless telephone is a means of communication, a provider of knowledge as well as entertainment, science has brought great changes in our daily lives and made our lives more comfortable.

Farming and agricultural

Agriculture also benefits from science. Today, farmers are using new scientific tools to increase agricultural production.

Computer and robotic

Computers are one of the amazing inventions of science, they help us to perform complex calculations in a fraction of a second, we can store a lot of information in computers and communicate through them.

Computers are the most amazing invention of science, they perform many complex activities in a very short time, scientists have invented robots to help us, robots are useful in industrial defense.

Internet and social networking

Internet is a short form of an international network which allows us to connect with our friends and get knowledge about it, we hear about www dot it means World Wide Web [Network is a great way to share information between friends Facebook, Twitter, Our Instagram is a well-known social networking site.

Disadvantages of science

Science says that this is also the dark side, humans have become slaves to high blood pressure machines, heart attacks, there are harmful effects of science.

Nuclear and atomic energy are also wonders of science, nuclear weapons such as the atomic bomb help secure the nation. Hydrogen and atomic bombs can destroy the world in seconds, we have seen the effects in Hiroshima and Nagasaki


Science is great, all these windows of science greatly simplify human life. Science is a good servant but a bad master, so play it, enjoy it, use it but never abuse it, science is a blessing and a curse, it depends on the mind how to use it, it should be for peace and good luck to use.

Essay on wonder of science

Introduction:- Modernity is the age of science. Science has made many amazing discoveries and discoveries. It has made our life easier and more comfortable. Science plays an important role in our daily life. With his help, even the impossible is now possible. There are many wonders of science like electricity, internet, computers, etc.

Electricity: The invention of electricity brought about tremendous changes in human civilization. He serves us in many ways. It illuminates our homes, streets, and offices. It supplies us with cool and warm air, running our machines, factories and workplaces. The availability of electricity removes darkness from the world.

Means of transportation and communication: Buses, cars, trains, ships and planes are the greatest contributions of science. We can safely reach any part of the world within hours.

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Science is also developing ways to communicate via telephone, WLAN, e-mail and the Internet, the world is shrinking into a small village. The internet allows us to easily talk directly with our friends and family members. Audio and video calls over the Internet are the fastest way to communicate. The invention of cell phones and the internet reduced the distance between people.

Medical Science:- Science has done a great job in the field of medicine. Many new drugs were discovered. Many deadly diseases such as cancer can be cured by science. Also with the help of science, scientific instruments are used to check the function of various organs in the body and to properly diagnose diseases.

Agriculture: – Science has helped us to develop agriculture. The use of fertilizers, better seed quality has increased crop production. New tools like tractors incorporate modern farming.

Computers: Computers are a wonderful invention of science. It is used in all areas of life. He solved a lot of problems. Computers can perform complex calculations and work quickly.

Conclusion: Science is a blessing. it is very useful for modern man, but innovations and inventions have also damaged mankind in various ways. We must ensure the wise use of these scientific discoveries to save the world from the evil side of science.