Eric Adams Runs His First General Election TV Ad

A month before Election Day, Eric Adams finally started using some of his key campaign boxes and aired his first television commercial after voting in Tuesday’s New York Mayoral election.

This ad focuses on her working class roots and her mother, Dorothy Adams, who died in March. This is a respite from his campaign for the Democratic Party, which focuses on the police.

“My mom cleaned the house, got three jobs, and lived a better life in a city where families like ours often fail,” Adams said in an ad. .. End of the day.

Adams then smiled and appeared on the screen. He said cities need to invest in early childhood education and affordable housing. “That’s how we make a difference.”

The advert marks the start of the final stages of the mayoral election, when Adams will face Republican candidate Curtis Plum on November 2. Brooklyn President Adams, 61, is expected to win and promote himself and his center platform as the future Democratic Party.

He won the controversial Democratic primaries, focusing on public safety and his career as a police officer. She is currently trying to identify other priorities, such as reducing childcare costs for children under three.

Adams plans to offer “universal childcare” to underprivileged families by lowering the fees the center pays for the space through tax cuts and other incentives. He also wants to redistribute affluent neighborhoods to build cheaper apartments and turn empty hotels on the outskirts of Manhattan into apartment buildings.

Plum, 67, focused her ads on messages of compassion for the homeless and a small army of rescue cats and messages Mayor Bill de Blasio advised them to leave. He also criticized Adams for spending the summer meeting with the city’s elite and traveling out of town to bring donors to justice.

“The choice is someone in the apartment like professional politician Eric Adams or someone on the street or the subway, that’s Curtis Plum,” he said in an ad. “I have interacted with ordinary men and ordinary women.”

The Sliwa advert features Adams with De Blasio, who helps Adams during the race.

But in New York, Democrats outnumber Republicans by nearly 7 to 1, and Mr. Plum is struggling to get attention, let alone dynamic. Adams also has a big advantage in funding. He has more than $7.5 million. Sliwa owns about $1.2 million.

Adams’ new ad is produced by Ralston Lapgin, the media company he works for in Primary. Tim created advertisements for other Democrats such as President Barack Obama and Minnesota Governor Tim Waltz.

The ad mentions public safety, which is Adams’ signature issue, and says that “we all deserve a safe and secure future”.

Adams, New York’s second black mayor, often talks about his campaign mother and poor upbringing with five siblings. Adams died earlier this year – which Adams revealed at an emotional Primary moment.

In a recent interview, Adams said it had been two months since the Democratic primaries when he decided to focus on his personal story.

In a recent podcast with Ezra Klein of the New York Times, she decided to share a “series of vignettes” about her life, including being beaten by police, having learning difficulties, and being a dishwasher. On the phone. His belief convinced the electorate.

“Every time I stand in front of a group of people and look back at who I am, they say to themselves, ‘He’s one of us,'” she said. Ricefield.