Elon Musk Helps Dogecoin Suddenly Surge Back Above Shiba Inu As Bitcoin And Ethereum Plummet

Dogecoin, the “joke” Bitcoin rival that gained popularity earlier this year, recently lost the meme crown to launch Shiba Inu.

The price of Dogecoin, which has risen more than 11,000% since last year, has struggled in recent months, although Bitcoin and Ethereum prices are back near record highs. Bitcoin and Ethereum sold significantly this week, but the price of Bitcoin dropped below $60,000.

Now that Robin Hood’s popular wild speculation trading app can help the Shiba Inu, the “Dogécoin Killer” has skyrocketed Bitcoin and crypto price charts – Memecoin as Tesla. Climb to 8th place and fight for control with Dogecoin

Billionaire Elon Musk continues to express his support for Dogecoin.