Dwayne The Rock Johnsons Cheat Meal Is The Ultimate Indulgence That Will Make You Drool

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is known worldwide for his wrestling achievements and Hollywood’s greatest personality. But few know that he was an avid footballer in high school before Dwayne Johnson rose to prominence in WWE and turned his popularity into a successful film career.

He was also part of the Miami Hurricanes team and is widely regarded as the best collegiate team of all time. But his injury thwarted his dream to join the American Football League, National Football League (NFL).

So it’s no wonder Rock shared a photo on Instagram on Sunday night watching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New England Patriots Sunday Night football games in Foxboro, Massachusetts, USA. ..

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In the picture you can see a bottle of Tequila Telemanate, two cheeseburgers and fries. While tasting this delicious treat while watching a game, Rock seemed to have an unforgettable Sunday night.

He wrote, “Helva’s play and the perfect mummy food while watching!” He added, “Two cheeseburgers with bacon, fries.” And a big plate on my plate. ”

He uses various emojis such as oval balls, french fries, bacon and burgers used in American football.

Rock also thanked Telemanate Tequila and American soccer player Tom Brady for “a great win tonight and the greatest walker in NFL history”.

Here’s what Rock has when it comes to enjoying the game:

Rock seems to be a big fan of TV tequila. A few days ago, a few days ago, he posted a short clip of a bottle of tequila on the table next to the glass.

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In July, Dwayne Johnson shared a video on Instagram of his super healthy breakfast full of protein. The spread includes steak garnished with blueberries and brown rice mixed with egg whites. She also has brown rice oatmeal to balance her carb intake. That makes it “very watery” for “just drinking”. Please check this for details.

Earlier this year, Dwayne Johnson gave us an overview of his favorite pancake recipe. Known as the “Famous Stone Coconut Banana Pancake,” these contain clams, coconut milk, desiccated coconut, banana, butter and peanut butter. Find out how Rock makes his favorite pancakes here.

If Dwayne Johnson’s food choices are making you thirsty, why not make your own version of coconut and banana pancakes or a protein breakfast?

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