Dogecoin to go blank after hitting $1

Given the success and recent spike in the price of the cryptocurrency Memes, Dogecoin, Mark Kuban’s billionaire investor, doesn’t think much about crypto.

In the past seven days, Dogecoin has grown by 81%, rising from sixth to fourth largest cryptocurrency by market cap. The coin also hit a new all-time high during the spike. However, Mark Kuban was not convinced.

The owner and billionaire Dallas Mavericks, who talks about Doge in front of his 8.3 million followers on Twitter, believes the coin will hit the $1 mark instantly. Once he gets there, he says he’ll stay there

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“Somehow I think it could be the equivalent of $1 and it could be a stable coin where it can be used, it can be stored, it will stay solid,” Kubin said Thursday at the heart of the crypto community.

Reasons Cuban Dogecoin Stays at $1

The billionaire said his prediction is based on the fact that he believes Doge is easier to trade, so it can act more like a currency than Bitcoin. He also talked about the fact that the possibilities of sending meme coins are not limited to bitcoin.

The Cubans point out that for so long the doge has been used for something that has become more useful as currency

Investors said of coins from memes to Robinhood that fell after the rise of Doge, that if they spent Doge easily, they would destroy it and the coin would have a spectacular future, he said.

Cuba talks about his crypto holdings after contacting Robinhood and revealing that he only owns thousands of Doge, not millions as people think.

“People think I have millions of dollars in Dogecoin, but I don’t,” he said. “I own what I spent on the Mavs and some of what I bought with my son.”