Dogecoin price analysis

The latest Dogecoin course analysis shows that the course is falling again. The bears are trying to make a comeback and also contributing to a bit of a dip in the price.

Dogecoin price analysis
Dogecoin price analysis

The price has now fallen to as low as $0.090 and is likely to rise again in the near future. As the downtrend has been kept under control over the last week, the value of the coin has continued to decline. Even though the price was up yesterday, it is down again today, which is a bearish indicator.

DOGE/USD 1-day price chart

Dogecoin one-day price analysis shows signs of bearish momentum as the price plunged to $0.090. Last week was unfavorable for the bulls and today the downtrend has resumed.

There is an immediate opportunity for the bulls to rally in the coming hours as the price breakout has been to the upside. The moving average value (MA) is also moving down, ie. $0.094 on the downtrend last week. The coin lost 5.73 percent during that time, losing 0.56 percent in value in the last hour.

Volatility has eased enough to suggest that price recovery is unlikely in the short term. The value of the Bollinger Bands has changed, so the top is now $0.107, which is the strongest resistance, while the lower is $0.086, which is the strongest support. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) result is 46 on the one-day price chart, the RSI is fairly neutral and the curve has not dipped much either.

Dogecoin Price Analysis: Latest Developments and Additional Technical Notes

With the price continuing to fall over the last eight hours, the 4-hour price chart for Dogecoin price analysis shows that the bearish momentum is regaining strength.

The price has now fallen to $0.090 and may fall further in the future. Prices drop every hour and the slides are very stable. On the four-hour price chart, the moving average indicator also shows its value at $0.090, which is slightly below the current price level.

DOGE USD 4-hour price chart

Relatively high volatility encourages the emergence of trends. Therefore, the lower Bollinger Band currently stands at $0.085, while the higher Bollinger Band has moved to $0.097. The RSI is also down at 44, indicating that the market is currently selling.

Dogecoin price analysis conclusion

Dogecoin price analysis for today and the last four hours suggests bearish behavior as the price fell to $0.090 on the day. The price chart has been dominated by the bears over the past week and is expected to continue to do so given today’s bearish constraints.

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