Disney sues for having absolute rights over Marvel characters

Disney sues for absolute rights to Marvel characters

LOS ANGELES – In an aggressive move to protect the Marvel superhero franchise, The Walt Disney Company on Friday sought to overturn copyright seizures sent by artists and illustrators starring characters from brands like Iron Man, Spider-Man and Thor on Connected. Many interesting lawsuits have been filed. .

The dispute began in the spring when a prominent Hollywood intellectual property attorney, Mark Toberov, served Marvel Entertainment, which is owned by Disney, with copyright dismissals on behalf of five clients.

These include 89-year-old Lawrence D. Lieber, a comic book writer and artist best known for his contributions in the 1960s to the creation of Marvel characters. Mr. Lieber, Stan Lee, is the principal writer and editor of Marvel Comics. Mr Lee died in 2018.

Mr Toberoff’s other clients include the legacy of comics artists Steve Ditko and Don Heck and heirs to writers Don Rico and Gene Colon. You’re trying to reclaim the rights to Marvel characters, including Doctor Strange, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Captain Marvel, Falcon, Blade, and Wizard – many of which have become Disney’s great revenue streams. Movies and TV shows and lots of stuff.

Recovery efforts result from copyright provisions that allow the author or his heirs, under certain conditions, to regain ownership of a product after a certain number of years. These efforts alternate whether the authors act as hired laborers or produce their own materials and then sell them to publishers.

The Copyright Amendment Act 1976, which opened the door to attempted dismissal, prohibits the dismissal of people who offer jobs at the employer’s “sample and expense.”

Disney’s lawsuit, filed in federal court in New York and California, has asked the judge to overturn the firing. Daniel Petroseli, the chief Los Angeles attorney representing Disney in the case, claims that all of the work cited by Mr. Toberoff was carried out at Marvel’s behest, an argument that worked for Disney on another important issue. Formerly.

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