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The life of a man who falls in love and gets married becomes cruel after marriage. And what if he, who hates life, has a chance to go back in time and correct his mistakes…? Dikilona is a film that deals with such a plot with an emphasis on comedy

Santanam, who dreams of becoming a national hockey player, falls in love with Anaka and marries her. The hockey player joins the lineman job on the EP to let go of the dream arm. Sweet love life begins to crumble after marriage. At that time, Santanam met a team of researchers who were trying to find a time travel machine.

Through Yogibabu in the group, he ended his marriage in 2020 and traveled back in time to organize his life. In doing so, he sends unmarried Santanam from the past to the present. Both consistently enjoy life in their respective times. Then E.P. Did Santanam break the marriage or not? How is Santanam’s past situation coming to the present? The next story of the movie “Dikilona”

Slender Santanam returns to comedy after a long hiatus. Although he consistently picks and manages to play stories that set him apart, Santanam’s comedy has been mediocre in the last few films with the exception of A1. He replaced it with the film “Dikilona” which is currently showing on ODT. Not only in comedy scenes, but also in sentimental scenes, he draws attention to himself through sympathetic actions.

Main director Kartik Yogi can be commended for telling a vivid and comedic story about a chaotic journey through different times. What is the status of a man who wants to escape from existence? He received applause for making the social message better and more popular. At the same time, he gives equal space to all the actors involved in the film and manages to put his talents to good use.

Hero Anaka and Shrin did well. Despite the small screen space they have, they both do well in everything from comedy to emotion. Yogibabu comes to mind for a while. Similarly, experienced actors Anand Raj and Muniskant caused laughter when they appeared on screen.

Especially in the pre-summit beyond that, actor Maran hit six in the space available to him to elevate everyone in comedy. Likewise, actor Chitra Lakshman intervenes in the comedy. Mottai Rajendran, Seshu, Arun Alexander, Shah Raw and Ittis Prashant, who played the lead roles, have contributed greatly to his role. Specialty cricketer Harbajan Singh has disappeared into an inspiring role.

Yuvanshankar Raja remixed the song “Per Vechalum” with music. Enhance comedy scenes with background music. The scenes in Arvi Cinematography are colorful. Jomin’s sleek cuts add pizzazz to the film.

Usually time machine movies are more like thrillers. The amount of comedy in it is very little. The number of successful comedy films is very low. Let’s have a laugh when “Tiglona” joins a small number of films! It means.

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