Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury: A Trilogy Defined by Its Twists

Fury hit 82 shots compared to Wilder’s 34, according to CompuBox, which sets the offensive pace. Fury’s many punches have made Wilder’s facial expressions a popular meme on social media. He defeated Wilder in the third and fifth rounds. In seventh place, Wilder’s coach Mark Breland saw the damage to his fighter’s body and threw a white towel into the ring, forcing the referee to stop play. Fury won by technical knockout and gave Wilder the first defeat of his professional career.

Wilder immediately rejected the decision from his corner kick.

“I just want my corner to fall on your shield,” said Wilder in the ring.

Fury’s dominance is essential as a battle. However, Wilder used the rematch clause for the third match. He blamed unsupported rationalizations for his poor performance. He claims that the costume he wore upon entering the ring – the skull-patterned knight armor worn to mark the month of Black History – weakened his legs. He also accused Fury of fighting with fake gloves without any evidence.

“Maybe if you find one plausible reason but not 50 of them, come on,” Fury said. “What he told me was that he was a weak and spiritually small man that I would meet on Saturday night.”

The pandemic and failed negotiations affected the timing of the third fight, and Fury began talking to another heavyweight, Anthony Joshua, and signed a two-fight deal in March to cement his title. But a referee ruled in May that Fury should fight Wilder until September 15. The meeting was then scheduled for July, but as Fury and his team tested positive about the virus, the event was postponed until now.

Wilder fired Breland and recruited Malik Scott, the boxer who was ousted in 2014. He said the two had a brotherly bond that soured after a fight with Breland in February 2020. During his training, Scott said it was focused on diversifying Wilder’s attacks. Instead of just relying on a strong right hand.

“I went to the tool kit — I didn’t give him a tool kit — and took whatever I thought would work well,” Scott says. “I made sure that we didn’t do it unknowingly or unintentionally.”