December Global Holidays & Get A Complete List Of All December Holidays 2021

December Global Holidays: Holidays are the ones that people look up to, to catch up with families and best friends, and do you know how many December Global Holidays are there in 2021? To know more about December Global Holidays 2021, Festivities, continue reading this article till the end! Happy Holidays 2021!

December Global Holidays

December, the last month of the year, is accompanied by a festive mood and happiness. Many religions and countries have several important events taking place in December. So people are curious about the world holiday in December.

The complete list of December World Holidays 2021 along with the religious holidays in December is given below. There are a number of public holidays from December 1 to December 31.

According to the Global List of Holidays in December, December 1 is a national holiday in the United Arab Emirates and December 4 is Father’s Day in Ghana. There are also many global holidays in December in the coming days. So let’s take a look at the December World Holiday List here.

December Global Holidays 25th December –  Most of the countries in the world will be celebrating Christmas on 25th December.

December Global Holidays 26th December – December Global Festivities Holidays Kwanzaa, a holiday rooted in African history, is observed by many individuals in both America and around the world. Kwanzaa, first celebrated in 1966, is a seven-day holiday, with one of the Nguzo Saba, or seven African Heritage principles, highlighted every day.

December Global Holidays 29th December – Boxing Day is a long-standing holiday with two different definitions of boxing” usually in parts of the globe inspired by England. In a more recent tradition, to celebrate their good work of the past year some of the employers will give the workers a Christmas box on Boxing Day.

December Global Holidays 31st December – Everyone will celebrate New year’s Eve on 31st December.

December Global Festivities 2021

All the December global Holidays for 2021 with dates are given below.


Name Of December Global Festivities 2021 Date Of December Global Festivities 
United Arab Emirates (National Day) 01 December 2021
Ghana (Farmer’s Day) 04 December 2021
Finland (Independence Day), Spain (Constitution Day) 06 December 2021
Thailand (King Bhumibol’s Birthday) 07 December 2021
Thailand (Constitution Day) 10 December 2021
Mexico (The Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe) 12 December 2021
Malta (Republic day) 13 December 2021
Bangladesh (Victory Day), South Africa (Day of Reconciliation) 16 December 2021
Qatar (National Day) 18 December 2021
Christmas Eve, Libya (Independence Day) 24 December 2021
Christmas Day, Pakistan (Birthday of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah) 25 December 2021
Various Countries (Boxing Day), Slovenia (Independence and Unity Day) 26 December 2021
Sri Lanka (Unduvap Full Moon Poya) 29 December 2021
Philippines (Rizal Day) 30 December 2021
Various Countries (New Year’s Eve) 31 December 2021

December Global Holidays List

December 1st – United Arab Emirates (National Day)

December 4th – Ghana (Farmer’s Day)

December 6th – Finland (Independence Day), Spain (Constitution Day)

December 7th – Thailand (King Bhumibol’s Birthday)

December 10th – Thailand (Constitution Day)

December 12th – Mexico (The Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe)

December 13th – Malta (Republic day)

December 16th – Bangladesh (Victory Day), South Africa (Day of Reconciliation)

December 18th – Qatar (National Day)

December 24th – Christmas Eve, Libya (Independence Day)

December 25th – Christmas Day, Pakistan (Birthday of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah)

December 26th – Various Countries (Boxing Day), Slovenia (Independence and Unity Day)

December 29th – Sri Lanka (Unduvap Full Moon Poya)

30th – Philippines (Rizal Day)

31st – Various Countries (New Year’s Eve)

Religious Holidays in December

December is an important month for many religions. Many important events are celebrated in December and there are different customs to celebrate the New Year. Here are some religious holidays in December:

  • December 10 – Hanukkah, an eight-day Jewish festival celebrating the story of miraculous provision.
  • December 21 – Yule, a holiday signifying over a millennium of history and traditions, many of these are Christman traditions that we know today.
  • December 25  Christmas, Celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.
  • December 26 – Kwanzaa, a seven-day African holiday celebrating their heritage.
  • December 31 – Osaka, the Japanese tradition of welcoming the New Year with friends and family.

December Global Festivities

As we celebrate Christmas this month, the Google Doodle celebrates various global December holidays such as Hanukkah, which is celebrated from December 10 to 18 (December 21 to January 1). The December Worldwide Holidays listed below are celebrated in December. People all over the world are excited to celebrate Christmas in a different way this year. Various December holidays around the world by date are listed here. So go to the bathroom and celebrate every December global holiday with your family, friends and loved ones.

Hannukah (10th-18th December)

According to the Hebrew calendar, Hannukah is an eight-day Jewish festival that traditionally falls on the 25th day of the month of Kislev. This year it falls on Thursday, December 10th.

Yule (21st December-1st January)

Yule sometimes referred to as Yuletide, is celebrated by the citizens of Germany. In particular, the Norse god Odin and the Anglo-Saxon Modraniht festival have pagan origins. It is more akin to Christmas these days, with people meeting for meals and gift-giving. Indeed a variety of Christmas traditions, such as the Yule log, have been spawned.

Festivus (23rd December)

The Seinfeld Episode Strike festival entered popular culture in 1997. The parody holiday is a small stand against Christmas consumerism, and as opposed to a decorated tree, stands around a decorative aluminum pole.

Christmas (25th December)

On December 25, the day of Jesus Christ’s birth, much of the world celebrates Christmas. To correspond with the winter weather in the Roman calendar, this date was selected. The date of the birth of Jesus is in fact, uncertain. On the 24th, some individuals celebrate Christmas, and some communities even celebrate it in January.

Boxing Day (26th December)

The hypotheses about how it got its name the day after Christmas are competing. One is connected to donation boxes given to the poor after Christmas by churches, a tradition in the Middle Ages.

Kwanzaa (26 December-1 January)

Kwanzaa is an African-American culture festival that lasts for seven days. With the giving of gifts and sharing of a meal, it ends on 1 January. The festival was founded by Maulana Karenga, an African studies festival and an active member of the Black Power movement, and was first held in 1966.

New Year’s Eve (31 December)

This year’s New Year celebrations will be low because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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December Global Holidays – FAQ

1. What are the major religious festivals in December?

Hanukkah, Yule, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Omisaka are some of the significant festivals.

2. When is Christmas celebrated?

Christmas is celebrated on December 25 every year worldwide.

3. What is celebrated on December 26?

December 26 is Kwanzaa, a seven-day African holiday celebrating their heritage.

4. When is Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is on December 29.

5. What are the religious holidays in December?
  • December 10 – Hanukkah
  • December 21 – Yule
  • December 25  Christmas
  • December 26 – Kwanzaa
  • December 31 – Omisaka
6. When is Libya Independence Day?

Libya celebrates its Independence Day on December 24.

7. When is the Republic Day of Malta?

Malta’s Republic Day is observed on December 13.