Deadline Looming Thousands of Health Care Workers in New York Get Vaccinated

When New York State gave health workers an unconditional promise for a coronavirus vaccine in August, they expressed confidence that they would put pressure on doctors, nurses, and support staff who didn’t want to be shot.

With vaccination appointments arriving Monday for some 600,000 nursing home and hospital staff, the surgery seems at least partially correct.

According to health officials across the country, thousands of health workers are vaccinated in a matter of days or hours. While thousands of other workers remain unvaccinated and are at risk of disruption or layoffs, a last-minute increase in vaccinations has created a staff shortage that some agencies fear. It seems to have blunted the worst case scenario.

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More than 8,000 workers in New York’s public hospital system were not vaccinated in the past week. But by Monday morning that number had fallen to 5,000, or just over 10 percent of the workforce. Unvaccinated workers are not allowed to work, but city officials say they can bridge the gap.

In Rochester, Strong Memorial Hospital staff warned patients that their selective treatment plans had been suspended for two weeks and the deadline approached last week, which would increase waiting times for regular appointments. However, on Monday they announced that they had succeeded in increasing staff vaccinations from 92% last week to 95.5%. That is, if they do not forgive, fewer than 300 of the 16,000 employees will be laid off.

Catherine Parinello, the hospital’s chief operating officer, said, “So you must be relieved to have one.” Other workers weren’t sure they needed to be vaccinated but told him they didn’t want to lose their jobs. you.

Despite the 11-hour vaccination, opposition to the mandate remains strong. At least eight lawsuits have been filed against the mandate, some under the First Amendment, others must allow states to allow exemptions from prior infections as equal protection. He wants to be. In one federal case, health workers required the state to grant a religious exemption.

Systematic protests against the mandate have continued, including strong warnings, which hundreds of people gathered against it, including on Monday.

Carmen de Leon, president of Local 768, which represents respiratory therapists, social workers and many others in the city’s public hospital system, told Carmen De Leon that some of those who oppose vaccination are seeking new jobs in other states. He said he would likely make it.

“You have people who are working during a pandemic and they are not sick and now you tell them they need to be vaccinated and that’s the result. I don’t know what will happen,” he said.

Nationwide, vaccination rates for hospital staff rose 92 percent late Monday for workers who have received at least one vaccination. The proportion of nursing homes also rose from 84% five days ago to 92% on Monday. But many nursing homes already face serious staff shortages before the delegation and downsizing of new staff is potentially dangerous.

At the Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo, 20% of employees at the related Terraceview nursing home were granted unpaid leave on Monday for refusing to be vaccinated, a spokeswoman said. The hospital said it was doing everything it could to compensate for the decline by moving staff from other facilities, reducing beds in nursing homes and halting some elective surgeries at the hospital.

In the last few hours, more than 100 people came to the vaccination center at the last minute and 276 workers who were not vaccinated were given leave.

Weeks before the mandate took effect, the hospital already had 400 jobs and a record number of patients. This is due to the inability to discharge patients in nursing homes and rehabilitation centers without staff.

Hospital staff were later reassured that many of their staff had been vaccinated but were in crisis on Monday.

At the national level, hospital staff made similar bets that the mandate would encourage staff to be vaccinated. At Houston Methodist Hospital, one of the first hospitals to introduce a vaccination requirement, 153 of its 25,000 staff were laid off or left, and another 600 were granted medical or religious exemptions. According to the organization’s top executive, Detroit’s Henry Ford healthcare system has achieved vaccination coverage rates of up to 98 percent after mandates were met.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki told a news conference Monday that she supports President Biden’s mission in New York and said, “I’ve seen this work in many places. It worked. he said.

Find out about US vaccine and mask obligations
Vaccination regulations. On August 23, the Food and Drug Administration fully approved Pfizer BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccine for people over the age of 16, paving the way for increased public and private debt. Ricefield. Private companies increasingly need employees to be vaccinated. Such obligations are permitted by law and will be enforced in court.
Mask Rules: In July, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention covered indoor public spaces in areas where an outbreak occurred, contrary to guidelines set in May by all Americans regardless of vaccination status. Recommended to wear. Find out where the CDC guidelines apply and where states have developed their own mask guidelines. The fight over the masks is controversial in some states, and some local leaders oppose the state ban.
University. More than 400 universities require vaccination against Covid-19. Nearly all of them were in the states that elected President Biden.
Both California and New York have introduced vaccination requirements for their teaching staff. According to a study published in August, many American parents of school-age children oppose the vaccine their students need but hide responsibility for students, teachers, and staff who don’t have the vaccine. That’s for it.
Hospitals and health centers: Many hospitals and major healthcare systems require their employees to be vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine. This is due to the increasing number of cases due to the delta option and the low rate of persistent vaccination in the community, including among employees.

New York: Dining out, gyms, shows, and other indoor situations require proof of vaccination for workers and customers. On September 27, a federal appeals court suspended the obligation of teachers and other educators in the city-wide school system to request at least one vaccination without the option of a weekly test. Cancel the decision made. City hospital staff must also be vaccinated or undergo weekly tests. New York employees have similar rules.

At the federal level. The Pentagon has announced it will vaccinate the country’s 1.3 million troops against the coronavirus by mid-September. President Biden has announced that all private federal employees must be vaccinated against the coronavirus or be subject to routine inspections, social distancing, mask requirements and most travel restrictions.

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