STRALSUND, Germany – Days before Germany elects a new parliament and thus for a new government and leader, Chancellor Angela Merkel is on her way to campaign this week – proof that her conservatives are in danger.

Of course, Merkel is no longer a candidate. He descended hoping to stay away from the race. Instead, he spent Tuesdays in his own neighborhood and found a running candidate for his CDU, Armin Laske. He also joked about the larger-than-average shoes, hoping to convince voters that they would be best filled by Mr Lechette.

For weeks, polls have shown the SPD, the traditional rivals of the conservative Christian Democrats, but also their government counterpart, have the upper hand. But in the final week before Sunday’s vote, the Conservatives narrowed the gap to about three percentage points.

The Christian Democrats are Germany’s largest political party and have been the country’s most influential political force for decades. Despite his current position in second place, he has a reputation for being very quiet, which gives Lashet hope after a grueling campaign. The Greens, an unexpected early leader in the race, are currently in third place.

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The Social Democrats have launched one of their strongest campaigns in years, marked by a clear message on progressive issues, from raising the minimum wage to creating affordable housing. And the nominee Olaf Scholz was sold as the most suitable for Ms. Merkel.

“Social democracy is back,” said Andrea Rommel, dean of the Herti School of Management in Berlin.

The Social Democrats have long been forgotten as junior partners in government, and Merkel is often praised for the ideas she actually put forward, such as introducing a national minimum wage and allowing same-sex marriage. I give.

“In this election, the SPD was able to speak up and recognize its achievements in government,” said Romelle.

The lack of a strong narrative is one of the biggest problems for the governor of North Rhine-Westphalia and CDU leader Lechet. His campaign was tarnished by mistakes that led critics to question his professionalism and leadership skills.

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He was criticized again this week. On Tuesday, he released a new election video showing him trying to make peace with a well-known vaccination advocate. But if he expected the ad to show his diplomatic skills, it was instead criticized for its bad taste, as it was posted days after a 20-year-old gas station worker was shot dead by a coronavirus denier serving the man. rejected for not wearing a mask.

In his address to several hundred people gathered Tuesday night on the wet stone of this Baltic city’s Old Market Square, which Merkel has represented since 1990, Mr Lachet honored the victims and several dozen others. quarrel. Vaccination demonstrators came to protest the government with slogans and whistles.

“We don’t want this violence,” he said. However, neither his condemnation nor his promise to improve security drew much applause. They couldn’t even drown out the noise outside the obstacle.

The rally was aimed at gaining support for Lachette, but for residents and tourists it became a last resort for women whose key roles in her country and Europe have influenced her life since November 2005.

Christine Brown, a Christian Democrat in Stralsund, said Lechette would get her vote, but that was no excuse to stand in the pouring rain on a cold September night.

“I have come to honor Miss Merkel, our Chancellor and Representative,” he said, adding that Merkel had regularly attended, attended meetings and spoke to the public during her 30 years in her constituency. Used to combine. “It remains accessible and mundane.”

Villana Cassing and Tim Taugnitz, both in their early twenties, were vacationing in Stralsund and saw a poster advertising the program and the presence of Ms. Merkel. He decided to join, more out of a desire to see the women who shaped his life than because of political interests.

He described his political leanings as “green-left” and said he would vote on Sunday, but not Mr Lachette.

“I think it’s good when the Christian Democrats get into the opposition,” Tognitz said.

it could be possible. Voters will go to the polls on Sunday, although many may have done so because of the pandemic with the unusually large number of ballot applications that have existed in Germany since 1957 and that organizers ensured their safety.

If the Social Democrats emerge as the strongest party, they must find at least one partner to form a government. This means that the roles can be reversed, but the centre-left coalition led by the Social Democrats, combined with the business-friendly Greens and Free Democrats, is more likely for Scholz, with the Christian Democrats as a young partner.

Lachet warned of the dangers of such a coalition and tried to portray others as a threat to Germany’s prosperity under Merkel.

“It’s totally wrong what the SPD, the Left and the Greens are planning,” Lashet told the crowd on Tuesday, citing promises to raise taxes for the nation’s highest-earning people. “You have to invest and create jobs.”

In contrast, Merkel, Mr. Lachette and George Gunther, who are hoping for a seat in parliament he will leave after 30 years, tried to laud their achievement. He expressed confidence that the two men would continue on their chosen path and called on his supporters to support him.

“Today I often announce my shoe size,” Merkel told a crowd in Stralsund. He nodded and smiled at Mr. Gunther, who said he could “fill” his shoes – European size 38 or American 7. Then he turned to Mr. Gunther. Laske and said: “He can do it,” said the Chancellor.

Tilo Haberstrich, a native of Karlsruhe, who was in Stralsund on business and came to the rally by chance, told the bank that he thought the race was unnecessary. Required as Federal Chancellor.

“It was interesting, but none of them impressed me,” he said. “I still don’t know who will get my vote on Sunday.”

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