Cuomo’s $5 Million Book Deal Is Subject of a New Ethics Inquiry

John Caeny of Reinvent Albany, a good lawyer for the government, likened Tuesday’s approval to “taking a card without jail, making it nearly impossible to prosecute government officials for abuse of power.” On the phone. ”

Hochul said he was considering restructuring the panel. The panels are also checked for lack of transparency and structural composition. The new governor has promised to change the seat of government.

“I want people to believe in their government again,” he said on his first day in office.

Since then, he has accepted the resignations of many of his predecessor’s employees. Among them were Health Commissioner Howard Zucker and Inspector General Leticia Taliafiero. During the first 45 days, Hochul said he would identify those currently on duty and “build a government team.” This period ends this week.

The decision of the Institutional Review Council marked the beginning of this change. When the commission voted against opening the investigation in September, it was presided over by Cuomo’s arrest, James Deling. Since then, he has taken all four of the six appointments from Mr. Cuomo.

Two of the latest Hokul appointments, Republican Sharon Stern Garstman and Democratic Chair Jose Neeves, attended the first meeting on Tuesday.

Nieves is a combat veteran who worked in Afghanistan before working for the Attorney General and the Federal Aviation Administration. In 2019 he failed to apply to practice as a Queens County attorney. Gerstman, a Buffalo attorney who specializes in mediation and appeals, has served as chairman of the New York State Bar Association. In 2016 he starred in an episode of the TV show “Danger!”

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