How Long Does It Take To Mine 1 Ethereum?

How Long Does It Take To Mine 1 Ethereum

Ethereum (Ether) is the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, which leads the charts and is conveniently tradable via Bitcoin Trading Software. Ethereum is on its way to switching from the POW consensus mechanism to the POS. Everyone is highly anticipating this transition. Although many people are decrying the move, the Bank of America finds … Read more

What is Volatility in Cryptocurrency?

What is Volatility in Cryptocurrency

Are you aware that it can measure the stability of an asset and tells that it has moved up or down with time? Keep in mind that if any asset is volatile, it tends to be riskier. It means it can also lead to higher volatility returns or riskier losses than the less volatile asset. … Read more

What is Cryptographic Key and its Uses?

What is Cryptographic Key and its Uses

Do you know that a cryptographic key has a secret value and has a complicated algorithm to encrypt and decrypt messages? Every business has confidential messages that are important to keep hidden during transmission or travel on public networks. In this way, these encrypted messages can be meaningless to third parties and minimize chances for … Read more

Incredible features of the Ethereum Blockchain

Incredible features of the Ethereum Blockchain

Multiple Blockchain networks are available at the disposal of companies nowadays. However, not all of them need to use the variety of Blockchain networks available over the internet. Instead, they look for the best one, and, on the market today, the best one is Ethereum. It is a Blockchain network created in 2013, but now, … Read more

Access point nodes: How can they be of service?

Access point nodes are the backbone of any network infrastructure and more importantly for internet service providers. A significant percentage of the African population is not connected to high-speed broadband internet, but African cities are densely populated and there is an urgent need to meet the growing demand for reliable internet services. Access points simplify … Read more