Cryptocurrency Profits Encouraging Employees in US to Quit Low-Paying Jobs

Cryptocurrency investors who play the right cards at the right time have made huge profits, according to a recent study. It is said that many people in the United States who have been working in low-paying jobs quit their jobs after making huge profits from crypto investments.

The study found that nearly two-thirds of those who left the country had an annual income of less than $50,000 (Estimated Employment

The study, conducted by Civic Science, a US research firm, collected responses from 6,741 people between October 20 and October 27. About four percent of those surveyed gave up their jobs because they had the financial cushion to return. Crypto advantages.

The company then compared the four percent figure with information from a second survey of 1,201 respondents who quit their jobs after making money from cryptocurrency – mostly based on their annual income.

It has been found that two-thirds of those who drop out due to “crazy profits” earn less than $50,000 a year (about 37.2 lakh). Of these 1,201 respondents, 27 percent were in the income group below $25,000 (about 18.6 lakh rupees), while 37 percent earned between $25,000 (about 18.6 lakh rupees) and 50,000 rupees with about 2 lakh.

With this in mind, it should be noted that analytics firms draw on information from completely different time periods and different types of respondents.

What is meant by “money free” in this context is also unclear, as no reference is made to civil science to help respondents understand the benefits of crypto.

Billionaire and pro-crypto investor Mark Cuban tweeted a link to an investigation into what economists have called the “Great Resignation”.

This term is used to describe the current situation in which a large number of paid people are leaving. The United States has responded to poor working conditions, an epidemic, and poor wages, which have created a significant labor shortage in the country.