Cristiano Ronaldo channels Usain Bolt as Man Utd heroics prove it’s not how you start

Old Trafford – Some have wondered how Cristiano Ronaldo will react after Lionel Messi’s great final against Manchester City at Park des Princes on Tuesday night. There’s an early title at the bar where you’re surprised by the 36-year-old’s feet in the spring, but overall it’s a crowd.

Then, when he died, his best ability to see the small opportunities of others, a talent he first demonstrated at Old Trafford nearly 20 years ago, rose to the rescue of Manchester United. It has been found time and again that watching Usain Bolt is over 100 meters long, so it’s not about how to start, but how to end.

Cristiano Ronaldo waited until the last minute before meeting all night as the anonymous star of the losing team. As Jesse Lingard kicked the ball in the Villarreal penalty area, Ronaldo jumped from the bottom of Jeronimo Ruri’s glove into the net at the end of Stretoford and scored. Then he took off his shirt and clapped as if everything was pre-planned. Ronaldo took the title to celebrate his 178th Champions League appearance while playing.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s ailing administration must remain at the bottom of Group F, as he lost completely in the first 45 minutes and remains behind the team that did not lose in the last five attempts. I am involved in this problem.

Instead, they equalized through a Bruno Fernandez free-kick, which two other Portuguese speakers, Alex Teles, volleyed into, with the sort of agreement only the Brazilian defender could control. Yes. Teresa knelt until the end of Stretoford, as Solskger sometimes did.

If there is one team that can claim to be the wrong side of Manchester United, it is the team from the populated city of Clactone, eastern Spain. This is the sixth time the world’s biggest brand has faced Villarreal and the overall performance so far consists of four goalless draws and penalties in the Europa League final in Gdansk.

After three defeats in four games, Solskger and Manchester United need a stylish win as well as a win.

They have two world champions. Sir Alex Ferguson was the one who called Messi the greatest footballer of his generation. With Jadon Sancho and Mason Greenwood they have two of the most talented youngsters in the English game. They entered the dressing room with luck but left no three.

Even before starting, the weakness was obvious. Solskjaer does not have three of the four regular players. Unai Emery doesn’t need much analysis to focus on defenders Alex Teles and Diogo Dalot.

Teres scored Manchester United’s first goal and saw Sancho more effective than down the left. Dalot, signed by Jose Mourinho, is showing another sign at this level that he is deeply overwhelmed.

His main tormentor was Arnaut Danjuma, who was born in Nigeria, studied football in the Netherlands and came to Villarreal from Bournemouth. Danjuma grew up in Eindhoven with the dream of becoming Cristiano Ronaldo, and to Dalot he would look as scary as the Portuguese great in his glory.

But Pick Ronaldo will score. He didn’t do this, partly because of David de Gia’s size. David de Gia lost to United League in Europe because he missed a penalty with Mesmeric on penalties.

A few months later, Degia replaced some of Danzig’s ghosts. It was a double save from Boulaye Dia, especially when Villarreal looked calm in the draw.

There used to be an instinctive reference to a nearby post title bar by Paco Alcacer. The beam in Danjuma’s forearm saw the Spaniards in a circle betray him.

That includes Rafael Varane. Alcácer opened the door due to an obstacle from Rafael Varane. His shot missed and when Alberto Moreno pulled a well-functioning free-kick into the Stratford End, Alberto Moreno tried to get the ball past his keeper just before halftime.

You haven’t paid. They moved. Once again the fight between Danjuma and Dalot was a natural ending. Danjuma was on his way to a critical goal, a low cross from the unfortunate centre-forward Alcácer was in Barcelona at the same time as Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez returned home. .. This goal has not been achieved.