Cowboys Lineman La’el Collins Tried to Bribe Drug-Testing Official

The NFL bribed drug inspectors before five games were called off after the Dallas Cowboys offensive ship Lael Collins violated its drug abuse policy, according to court documents released Friday. She accuses him of trying to give it away.

The allegations appear in a federal lawsuit while Collins moved the court order to delay the suspension. Lower.

According to the NFL, those collecting test samples asked Collins to meet with Collins “person-to-person” in November 2020, saying, “(They) met so there were too many tests. I got a feel for it.” Day. ”

Collectors asked if it was “what we could do” and said they offered $5,000 and then $10,000 for Collins’ order, according to NFL documents.

The player’s agent, Peter Shaffer, one of Collins’ agents, steadfastly refused to bribe Collins, who was recovering from a hip replacement and not playing in 2020.

“He is said to have bribed the collector without giving him any money,” Shaffer said. “There are no witnesses. He came on crutches in a T-shirt and shorts. How can I bribe someone? ”

A federal judge heard debate over the ban on Friday in Sherman, Texas, about 170 kilometers north of Dallas. There is no immediate solution.

The Cowboys (3-1) will meet the New York Giants (1-3) at home on Sunday. Coach Mike McCarthy said Friday that first real game, Collins, has no plans to face the Giants if suspension is suspended.

Collins’ suspension was announced a day after Dallas lost 31:29 in defense of Super Bowl champions Tampa Bay in the opening. This is his first match since 2019.

During the suspension appeal, Schaefer summoned star midfielder Dak Prescott to testify to refute the alleged bribery. Prescott testified about the nature of some of the jokes in conversations with test collectors, saying he didn’t see Collins on the day of the issue, who brought in $10,000.

The League said in its document that Collins had a “long history of disciplinary action for repeated violations” of its substance abuse policy. According to the NFL, Collins has missed seven drug tests in the five weeks since the alleged November 2020 bribery.

Shaffer struggled with what he called a personal attack on Collins at Friday’s hearing.

“That’s why it was so important for Rael to fight him and we know he’s not a bad person and there’s no big story about skipping a test and being a bad guy.” said Schaffer. “We only realized it then. This is one of your players. Find a way to do this without personal attacks. NFL lawyers attack Rael personally. It’s a shame to be a part of the NFL today as I was in attack. ”

The league intended to stop Collins in the first four games of 2020, but the board and players’ union agreed to a fine. According to the NFL, Collins continued to miss tests resulting in five stops and the Alliance is negotiating up to two games.

With an appeal for a two-match suspension, the referee returned a five-match suspension after the league announced an attempt to bribe Collins.

A Collins spokesman said the NFL falsely claimed that the seventh grader had never been out of his previous four games. They also said they would be suspended for failed tests if a new collective agreement in 2020 no longer allowed the suspension of failed or positive marijuana tests.

A Lineman spokesman apologized for Collins’ absence from trial, including the death of his uncle in Arizona and the death of cowboy weight trainer Marcus Paul, who collapsed in the waiting room two days before last year’s Thanksgiving game. He says there is a good reason.

Collins signed with the Cowboys as an undeveloped free agent in 2015. The former LSU player was supposed to be the pinnacle of the high draft, but an investigation into the death of a woman before the draft revealed her name. In this case, Collins has been removed.