Covid19 testing lab probed over 43000 false negatives is linked to company investigated over PCR test delays

The private Covid-19 lab, whose tests were suspended because thousands of people may receive false negative results, has emerged as a subsidiary of a company already under investigation. Yes.

The NHS Test and Trace is a test administered by Immensa Health Clinic Ltd at Wolverhampton Laboratory after investigating reports that immunochromatography received negative PCR test results after previously showing positive results in lateral flow. Work has been suspended.

Just weeks after Watchdog announced to the Competition Authority (CMA) in September that it was investigating Immensa’s parent company, Dante Labs, for fear of harassing its customers. He.

A spokesperson for Dante Labs Me Immensa Health Clinic Ltd is a subsidiary of Immensa Health Clinic Ltd.

Concerns that CMA is investigating with Dante include the inability to provide PCR tests or results on time or at all, failure to respond to complaints or provide adequate customer service, or delays in recovery upon request. This includes the waiver or use of contractual terms that consumers may inappropriately restrict. ‘Right.

Immensa’s laboratory operations were closed yesterday as the UK Health and Safety Authority may have received false negative PCR test results for 43,000 people between 8 September and 12 October.

The lab processed about 400,000 samples, according to the NHS Test and Trace, but new samples are currently being sent to other labs. There are no technical issues with the test kit itself and you should continue testing as usual.

The government awarded Immensa, which was founded in the UK in May 2020, a £119m contract last September to “develop a volume of Covid PCR tests that meet the requirements for testing and tracing”. Yes.

Andrea Riposati, CEO of Immensa Health Clinic Ltd, said the lab was “in full cooperation with UKHSA”.

He added: “Quality is our top priority. We are proud to analyze more than 2.5 million samples from the NHS Test and Trace and work closely with the excellent team at the Department of Health and UKHSA.

“We don’t want this issue or anything to interfere with the tremendous work the UK has been doing in this pandemic.”

A Dante Labs spokesman said he was “disappointed” by the CMA’s decision to open an investigation last month without prior consultation, but said he was fully cooperative.

A spokesperson said in relation to the CMA investigation:

“We have solid experience providing all the basic tests approved by the Ministry of Health for Covid-19.

“Most of our customers receive timely and inexpensive service, but we recognize the challenges some customers face when purchasing our tests.

“We have invested heavily in our customer service to improve overall delivery when demand is high.”