Coronavirus Fake News And Rumours In UAE Top Official Says Get Latest Update From Government Media Briefing

Fake News and Coronavirus Rumors in UAE The most official thing to say you get the latest updates from a state media briefing: Not only is Corona, but UAE is also fighting against fake news, how can rumors be limited?

Abu Dhabi
The United Arab Emirates has managed to beat the coronavirus. Rumors and fake news became the main obstacle in this battle. A senior official said the spread of misinformation and rumors about the COVID-19 situation in the country could hinder the recovery of various regions from the effects of the epidemic. The National Agency for Crisis and Disaster Management on Tuesday urged people to verify the accuracy of messages posted on social media.

Receive information from the government media briefing

NCEMA spokesman Dr. Tahir Al Amiri said we stressed the need to obtain information from officially recognized sources to avoid breaking the law. He added that as part of its efforts to contain the pandemic, the UAE has accepted transparency and integrity in its approach. He asked people to attend the weekly media briefing the UAE government organizes every Tuesday to get the latest information on Covid-19.

The official said the United Arab Emirates is the country with the most vaccines in the world. The Ministry of Health is looking for vaccines that are approved by the World Health Organization, and all of these vaccines are safe. A national team has been formed to oversee research and studies on the Covid vaccine. The United Arab Emirates’ vaccination statistics are among the best in the world. The state comes first for a single dose. Last week, after being in the country for a long time, the rules for the use of masks were relaxed. The mask is the most basic protection against the crown.

Take it off the mask after a year and a half
After nearly 18 months, the UAE is now mask-free. However, wearing a mask is not only mandatory in some places. But this is a sign that the country is now back in the past. Officials have identified six public places that are exempt from wearing masks. Wearing a mask is no longer mandatory when exercising in public places, traveling by private vehicle, swimming pools and by the sea when alone indoors, in salons and beauty centers, and in health centers.