CoinsPaid & SoftSwiss Collaboration Details 2021

SoftSwiss and CoinsPaid, two innovators in the cryptocurrency gambling industry, provide an unprecedented look at the fast-growing crypto gambling business. SoftSwiss and CoinsPaid were the forerunners of gaming-focused cryptocurrency payments. These companies have proven that virtual currencies have a bright future if they focus on gaming.

CoinsPaid & SoftSwiss Collaboration Details

About The CoinsPaid

With the emergence of crypto gateways in recent years, CoinsPaid has worked hard to stay one step ahead of the competition and provide reliable and secure solutions to its customers in the iGaming, betting and crypto industries. CoinsPaid provides services and solutions to help New Zealanders choose online casino provider and see the potential of cryptocurrency.

The CoinsPaid ecosystem allows you to work quickly, profitably and efficiently with national and digital currencies. Today CoinsPaid is one of the most well-known crypto processing companies in the world, processing 5% of all BTC transactions.

About The SoftSwiss

SoftSwiss is a global technology company that provides internationally recognized accredited software solutions for managing iGaming operations. SoftSwiss owns various gaming licenses and offers its customers a one-stop white solution that handles all technical, legal and financial processes.

The company’s product line is extensive and includes online casino networks, game aggregators with thousands of casino games, affiliate platforms and newly launched platforms for sports players. SoftSwiss is considered the best engineer for the use of cryptocurrencies in online gaming, as it was the first company in the world to provide an online casino system optimized for Bitcoin in 2013.

SoftSwiss and CoinsPaid Collaboration

As per SoftSwiss Game Aggregator’s report for the first quarter, the brand grew significantly, with cryptocurrency sales surging up to 26% at the end of March. In just two months, crypto sales jumped 31%, beating the previous figure. The data confirms a clear trend in the rapid expansion of investment in in-game cryptocurrencies. Its share is expected to be only 6% at the end of the first quarter of 2020 when it continues to fall behind Fiat.

Due to their ease of use, security and anonymity, cryptocurrencies have become a popular topic in gambling. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency for this online betting and its popularity has been increasing since Covid-19. CoinsPaid, based in London, is the premier retailer of this game of chance focused on modern financial technology.

The Popularity Around Crypto Trading

CoinsPaid processes cryptocurrency transactions in the UK and shows how cryptocurrencies are becoming competitive. Since the creation of Bitcoin, this new financial sector has enabled transactions all over the world. Because of this, CoinsPaid believes that cryptocurrency trading is a new environment that has the potential to dethrone paper money.

CEO Max Krupyshev believes there is a lot of competition in the cryptocurrency sector but they are trying to do their best. Krupichev is pleased to announce that his company is the first payments subsidiary in the iGaming industry. However, the CEO said he was also looking into a new financial sector.

CoinsPaid fully supports cryptocurrencies and now that it has merged with SOFTSWISS, that goal has become even clearer. According to Andrei Starovoitok, CEO of SoftSwiss, Bitcoin remains the most widely used cryptocurrency for payment processing. Ethereum has also been discovered which accounts for 9% of all online casino transactions. SoftSwiss started accepting cryptocurrency payments for online betting in 2013 but peaked this year.

The company that manages cryptographic payments, CoinsPaid, is growing and attracting more customers. Starovoitov believes that in the New Year, cryptocurrencies will gain participation and reach historical value. Bitcoin had raised $60,000 million in April but lost more than half its value in May.

In addition, according to Max Trafimovic, CEO of SoftSwiss, they needed a solution that provided consistency and was reliable. Unlike most other solutions on the market whose operations and business practices are not fully open, CoinsPaid gives them the ability to fully manage the portfolio of bitcoins used for processing. He goes on to say “First things first” is the foundation of the CoinsPaid philosophy.

Everything else is secondary to the excellence and stability of your processor. The solution may not be very feature-rich yet, but it has a solid technological foundation and everything works well. Payouts, as well as the games themselves, are the cornerstone of the online gambling industry. The value of the entire product – the SoftSwiss online casino management platform – has been enhanced with a reliable solution for processing Bitcoin payments.

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CoinsPaid & SoftSwiss Collaboration

The world of cryptocurrency and online gaming is very popular among crypto enthusiasts. However, some European authorities rejected the plan, saying it was illegal. However, this criticism is expected given the widespread involvement of cryptocurrencies.

Currently, this cryptocurrency gambling payout offers great opportunities for all users. Bitcoins can be sent to betting accounts via various crypto platforms. SoftSwiss has also developed a simple crypto transaction system for novice crypto enthusiasts.

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