Cincinnati Coach Luke Fikel on College Football Playoffs

7 Cincinnati, the story goes that the road to college football playoffs is this: beating No. 9 Notre Dame on Saturday, went on to win the last eight regular season games, then took the American Athletics Conference title. .

If all this doesn’t work out and dreams come true. Eliminate him completely, make him 13-0 and maybe for the first time a playoff team will invite a group of 5 teams to the big post this season.

Of course, the unbeaten record only brings the Bearcats up for discussion. Cincinnati played a perfect regular season in 2020 and never finished seventh in the playoffs. When organizers announced the final selection for the four-team tournament, Bearcats Coach Luke Fickel was eighth, with five teams losing.

Fickel spent 16 years coaching in Ohio, playing nose guard in the 1990s and running the Buckeyes for a season between the tenures of title-winning coaches Jim Tressel and Urban Mayer. Now in his fifth season in Cincinnati, following a 3-0 win over Indiana on September 18, Fickel spoke this week about the playoffs, fixtures and games that will be the most important in the school’s history. He has been playing football since 1885.

Number 7 Cincinnati will play number 9 Notre Dame on Saturday at 2:30 pm. Eastern will broadcast the match on NBC. This interview has been shortened and edited for clarity.

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