Chris Eubank Jr’s fight with Anatoli Muratov cancelled at the 11th hour

Chris Yubenk Jr. will no longer fight Anatoly Muratov on Saturday night after the British Boxing Control Board (BBBofC) raised concerns about pre-war medical care in Germany.

After joining promoter BOXXER, Eubank is the star of a new era for Sky Sports, but the card is already at the peak of its battle with Liam Taylor’s David Abanesian.

Muratov, the successor to his former opponent Sven Elville, who tested positive for Covid-19, was declared inadmissible on match day. In fact, the decision came so late that Eubank only promised three hours ago to fight for his brother Sebastian, who died in July.

The cancellation would be a huge disappointment for the “next generation” which Muratov sees as another obstacle to winning the title until the end of the year. However, he is expected to fight again in the coming weeks and his opponents will be confirmed soon.

“The match has been canceled and Eubank will not appear on tonight’s menu as the health and safety of the boxer is paramount and there is no chance of finding a replacement of the right quality for the remainder of the time,” reads the explanation.

Ben Shalom from BOXXER said: “I think of Chris who has struggled a lot lately.

“He will come back stronger and will continue to be a key figure in the planning of Sky Sports.”

Adam Smith, director of Boxing Sky Sports, said:

“I am very disappointed with Chris Yubank Jr., who is playing a huge role in the new era of Sky Sports Boxing. He will be returning to one of our shows in a few weeks.”

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