China to create closed-loop bubble for Winter Olympics

The International Olympic Committee released a set of tentative health protocols for the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics on Wednesday, suggesting that the next Olympics, which kick off on February 4, will be the most table-limited since the start. There can be sporting events. Coronavirus pandemic.

Organizers of the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games have called the “closed-loop management system” a bubble-like environment in which athletes, officials, TV operators, journalists and large numbers of sports staff are forced to eat, sleep, work and measure themselves. . without them knowing it, from the time they arrived until they left.

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Anyone, including athletes, looking to enter this bubble has two options: get fully vaccinated in China, or prepare to spend the first 21 days in individual quarantine in Beijing.

And while spectators were allowed to return to competition venues after the widespread lockdown caused by the last Summer Olympics in Tokyo, access was restricted to those living in mainland China.

More detailed plans for the Games will be released in late October, but it’s clear that Beijing Olympic organizers and the Chinese government will try to enforce some level of control – some 3,000 athletes plus a few thousand more. Too many. Sports fans, including international journalists, volunteers, and field workers – more than anything is seen before the game.

The organizers of Beijing 2022 presented these first minutes to the IOC Executive Board on Wednesday. In a statement, the IOC offered its full support for the sanctions.

In line with the overarching goal of ensuring safe play, it said: “The IOC and IPC fully comply with the principles set out by Beijing 2022.”

A much more permeable health protocol was demonstrated at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Participants do not need to be vaccinated or isolated, and even when asked to stay in a sports facility, they still have to interact with the outside world, including grocery and local stores. Many possibilities are offered. Home cooking restaurant. Meanwhile, local Tokyo news media and members of the local task force have been allowed to move from their homes to the Olympic venues. And after 14 days of strict restrictions, all Olympic visitors are given the freedom to move around the city as they please.

The IOC said the so-called closed-loop management system planned in China would “cover all areas related to sports, including travel to and from airports, transportation, accommodation, meals, competitions, and opening and closing ceremonies.”

No one should leave the system for any reason, he said in the IOC declaration: “In a closed circuit, participants are only allowed to move between sports facilities for training, competition and work.” It will be applied.

Corona virus tests are also carried out daily inside the balloon.

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Beijing’s 2022 vaccination request is an unprecedented step forward even during this pandemic. No major sports league in the world has such a mandate. The IOC said Wednesday that all World Health Organization-approved vaccines would be accepted and individual cases would be “considered” by athletes seeking medical exemptions.

Many celebrity athletes around the world remain unconvinced and it remains to be seen how many Olympic candidates will miss the Beijing Olympics or undergo a three-week quarantine instead of being vaccinated to gain access to the Games. Last week the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee announced that all of its athletes must be vaccinated by December 1 if they hope to present a delegation to China next year.

Furthermore, from matches in Tokyo, where fans were banned altogether, spectators in Beijing were allowed to compete in a certain way. However, according to the IOC, tickets are limited to those living in mainland China “who meet the requirements to combat COVID-19”. Details of these requirements, the organization said, are still being discussed.