Chainlink price analysis

Chainlink Price Analysis 2021-11-27> The latest Chainlink price analysis confirms the uptrend for today as the green candle returns on the price chart. Although the downtrend peaked in the previous days, today’s trend is relatively in favor of the buyers. The green candle marks an upward move as the price peaks again at $24.55.

LINK / USD 1-Day Price Chart: Price rises above USD 24.54 after rising
Chainlink’s one-day price analysis shows support for today’s gains as the value of LINK/USD rises significantly. This is an encouraging sign for buyers as the cryptocurrency has suffered significant damage in recent weeks. The price is now touching the $24.55 mark and it can be expected that another uptrend is imminent.

The value of the moving average (MA) on the one-day price chart is $26.66.
Volatility is increasing rapidly, indicating that the future trend may be bearish. If we talk about the Bollinger Bands indicator, the upper band is at $37.08 while the lower band is at $22.54. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) has risen to 35.58 on the back of recent growth.

Chain Price Analysis: Price curve rises to $24.55 after the recent spike
Chainlink’s four-hour price analysis determines a developing trend as the value of the cryptocurrency has increased significantly in recent hours. The short-term trend line is now moving upwards due to the steady rise in the LINK/USD rate. The price hit $24.55 as the upward momentum increased over the last four hours. The moving average is still lower than the current price ie. $24.33.

The current average value of Bollinger Bands is $25.42. Bollinger’s upper band has reached $27.69 and Bollinger’s lower band has reached $23,135. The RSI curve is also moving upwards and the result has moved to 40.88.

Bears have been leading the market for the past few weeks while the uptrend continues. Accordingly, the charts of the technical indicators provide bearish signals due to increased selling activity. Fourteen indicators are in a short position, seven arrows are in a neutral position and five hands are in a buy position.

The moving averages indicator also gives a solid bearish indication. There are 13 indicators at the selling point while one indicator is neutral and buy. The oscillators confirm the uptrend for today and six oscillators are at neutral; four oscillators are at the point of buying, while one indicator is at the point of selling.