CDC Chief Supports Pfizer Booster for CDC Chief Overalls Agency Panel and Frontline Workers

The CDC’s panel leadership follows weeks of internal strife and public debate between health officials and US advisers. In mid-August, President Biden announced plans for accelerated distribution, but scientists and regulators were quick to point out that there was little research into who could benefit and how doses should be distributed.

Current FDA Commissioner Janet Wooddock said on Wednesday that the agency’s approval would allow increased doses “for certain populations such as health care workers, teachers and child care workers, food workers and the homeless in shelters or prisons”. by the way”.

However, some committee members said there was little evidence that vaccinated teachers and even health workers were at risk of repeated exposure to the virus. The decision reflects concerns that such general recommendations would effectively open the door to adult-encouraging campaigns.

“I understand the organizers think this is a hole to enter the truck,” said Dr. Paul Ofit, professor at the University of Pennsylvania and member of the FDA’s Vaccine Advisory Group. Online briefing on Thursday.

For two days, the panel battled public expectations for a COVID vaccine, the safety of the third dose, and the effects of booster programs on nursing home residents. Just a booster dose will not bring back the epidemic, some scientists note: only unvaccinated vaccinations will do this.

“We can move the needle a bit by giving people a booster dose,” says Dr. Helen Talbot, Professor of Medicine at Vanderbilt University. But, he said, “hospitals are full because people are not vaccinated.”

Counselors also grapple with ambiguity about the purpose of vaccines: should it be to prevent all infections or to prevent serious illness and hospitalization?

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