Casper Rudd is Norways answer to his father

In October 1995 Christian Road became the highest-ranking Norwegian tennis player of all time. He is 39th in the world rankings, reached the quarter-finals of the Australian Open in 1997 and represented his country three times at the Olympics.

It took almost 26 years, but in February 2020 Rudd’s ranking was dwarfed by his 22-year-old son Casper, who erased his father’s feat, winning four ATP tournaments that year and making his career number 10 on the charts. .

One junior player, Casper Rudd, lost in the second round of the US Open to Boutique van de Zandshulp, likely quarter-finalist. But his excellent season prompted Björn Borg to include an eight-man European team in the Laver Cup. His father was his coach.

The following conversations are processed and summarized.

Do you remember the first time you hit your father?

Yes, I was 14 or 15, but my dad thought I was 16. We play tournaments all over Europe for a year so we stay home next year to train our bodies and develop our character on the pitch to develop. We will try to play against each other a bit over the weekend.

After a few tries, I beat him 6-2. He wasn’t too happy because he wasn’t playing well. He came here with a lot of mistakes.

You have the greatest success on clay, but the Laver Cup takes place indoors on hard courts. How will you adapt?

My game is better for sand. So I hit the ball with a lot of topspin. It is a heavy ball that bounces off a clay court. But let’s not forget that I grew up on indoor hard courts for six months, because Norway is a cold country.

Your Laver Cup teammates will be the best in the world. If you could record Daniil Medvedev, Stefanos Tsitsipas, Alexander Zverev, Andrei Rublev and Mateo Berretini, which would it be?

On behalf of Medvedev, I want to return to him. The backhand with Zverev was great. I think Tsitsipas has great clean-handed skills and a great volley.

It’s hard with the Rublev and the Beretini because they have deadly forehands, but I used the Rublev’s forehand and the Beretini’s bad backhand. Then I covered it.

No, I’ll serve beretini. Then I can leave that part to myself.

What is your hometown in Snaroya that you know best besides you?

By the sea and very nice and quiet. Oslo Airport is a mile from where I was born. The year I was born, they pulled it out of Oslo but kept the route as a landmark. All the kids play sporty soccer in summer and hockey in winter. And they take boats in the summer. He is also known for tennis as my father played.

If you could have dinner with a celebrity, who would he be?

I would say Canadian singer The Weeknd. He’s an artist I listen to a lot and I really like. He’s a worldwide star now, but when I started listening to him, he was unknown, a little darker than he is now. If I were at that dinner, I would be very confused by the stars, but it would be nice to meet her one day.

Do you have a target for this year?

It’s hard to set goals based on numbers. At the start of the season, I said to myself that if I make it into the top 20 this year, it will be a good year. I’m in the top 10 now.

But it’s more important to finish in the top 10 this year than just going for a week and then leaving. The result at the end of the year is a very remarkable achievement.

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