Cardano price analysis 14th December 2022

Cardano’s price analysis suggests a relative uptrend today as the price has appreciated to $0.3098 as the bulls have maintained their strength. The entire value of the coin has been benefited as the best recovery opportunities have been provided. In the coming hours, the price is expected to increase even more.

The price of Cardano has remained negative for the past few days, today it is down and up 2.37%. Resistance for the ADA/USD pair is currently at $0.318 and support at $0.3012. The 24-hour trading volume is currently $314,996,101 and Cardano is now in 9th place with a market capitalization of $10,694,403,457.

Cardano price analysis on a 1 day chart

Cardano’s 1-day price confirmed an uptrend in today’s prices as it jumped to $0.3098. The bulls have pushed the price above $0.3 over the last 24 hours after taking advantage of the situation. Market volatility follows a downtrend, meaning Cardano’s price becomes less susceptible to volatile swings at both extremes.

The upper limit of the Bollinger Band is located at $0.3230 and serves as ADA’s strongest resistance. Conversely, the lower limit of the Bollinger Band is $0.3045, which is the strongest support point for ADA.

Cardano price analysis on 1-day chartThe Relative Strength Index (RSI) is trading at 42.36, indicating a stable cryptocurrency. This places the coin in the lower neutral zone. Moreover, the RSI price seems to have turned into a linear movement. The same buying and selling action is also indicated by the constant RSI results. The MACD line (blue) is above the signal line (red) which means the bulls are controlling the market.

ADA/USD 4-hour price chart: the uptrend is taking the price higher to $0.3098

Cardano’s four-hour price analysis marks a bullish lead as prices continue to improve. An uptrend has been observed over the last few hours as the price surged to as high as $0.3098. Prices have increased dramatically due to a stronger uptrend. ADA met resistance at $0.318; The next push-ups are expected to take place in the next few hours.

ADA 4-hour price chartThe MACD indicator shows that the price of Cardano is gaining momentum when the fast moving line crosses the signal line. The upper limit of the Bollinger Band is located at $0.3162 and acts as the strongest point of resistance for ADA. On the other hand, the lower limit of the Bollinger Band is located at $0.3009, which is ADA’s strongest support. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is also in the bullish zone, indicating that the price is likely to increase in the coming hours.

Conclusion of Cardano price analysis

Cardano’s one-day and four-hour price analysis both show that the price is rising today. The trend continued strongly throughout the day and allowed bulls to push the price to $0.3098 in the last 24 hours, which got them back on track. The cryptocurrency is expected to continue rising steadily in the coming hours.

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