Capitol Police Officer Charged With Obstructing Justice in Jan 6 Case

WASHINGTON – US Capitol police entered court Friday after instructing a man who illegally entered the Capitol during the January 6 riots to remove evidence of that day’s actions from his social media accounts. I was arrested.

Michael A. Riley, 50, has been a member of the Army’s K-9 unit for more than 25 years and was the first person to be charged with the attack on the Capitol on January 6. copilot. The officers were beaten, thrown and injured by a prominent mob, led by fraudulent election lies.

He was released pending trial on October 26.

On January 7, Officer Riley contacted an acquaintance who posted a photo of him on Facebook at the Capitol during the attack and asked him to remove evidence that he was in the building, according to the indictment from a state grand jury in Washington. Lower. .. Police officer Riley doesn’t know the man personally, but he recently met him through an online fishing group.

“I am a parliamentary police officer who agrees with your political position,” the policeman wrote in the ad. “Remove the part that you are in the building that is currently under investigation and everyone in the building will be accused. I was just watching!”

Officer Riley and her husband then exchanged dozens of messages.

“I’m glad I escaped unscathed,” Riley once wrote. “More than 50 police officers were injured, but some of them were quite horrific.”

Police officer Riley responded to reports of explosive devices near the Capitol on January 6, but formally agreed with Congress to confirm President Biden’s victory for failing to defend the building when mobs attacked. The count is confused.

On January 20, an unidentified man went to the police station and spoke with Officer Riley, and federal police officers alerted police that they knew they were in a relationship.

According to the indictment, the man wrote to Officer Riley, “The FBI is very interested in what I have to say to you, if they haven’t inquired about me.” They grabbed my phone and took it all out.

According to the indictment, after receiving the message, Riley’s officers deleted all of her Facebook messages with the man and sent him a final Facebook message the following day.

“Another mutual friend was talking about you last night. I tried to protect you, but he pulled weeds into the Capitol and showed me a video of you acting like an idiot. “He wrote, ‘I am shocked and stunned that your story of being hit in the building with no other choice now seems like a complete lie, not just false. It feels like an idiot believing you.’

Officer Riley has been charged with obstruction of justice on two counts, each with a fine of up to 20 years.

In a statement, Capitol Police Chief J. Thomas Manger called the allegations “very serious” and said the Bureau of Professional Responsibility would open an executive investigation into the actions of police officers.

“The department was notified of the investigation several weeks ago,” he said in a statement. “When he was arrested, the police were on leave until the case was closed.”

The charges against Riley’s staff came after an internal parliamentary police investigation recommended disciplinary action against six other police officers for their actions during the riots. A statement by parliamentary police said three police officers cheated, one police officer disobeyed orders, one police officer made inappropriate statements, and one police officer spread inappropriate information. He said he was elected.

None of these police officers have been nominated or charged with a crime.

Although most police officers were dealing with the trauma of the attack, videos widely shared on social media showed that some police officers sympathized with the crowd or entered the compound. This seems to indicate that you are doing almost nothing to stop it.

Parliamentary official Brian D. Cynic died of a stroke in hospital after fighting a crowd and at least 73 police officers were attacked by flagpoles, fire extinguishers and hockey sticks that ranged from bruises to bruises. I was hurt by injuries. Burns.

Two police officers who clashed with the crowd later committed suicide.