California to Mandate Covid19 Vaccines for All Students as Soon as Next Fall

The governor of Sacramento California said Friday that he will need to get a coronavirus vaccination next fall to attend public and private schools in the state, the nation’s first national Covid for high school students. -19 Vaccine guidelines published.

At the behest of Governor Gavin Newsom, the coronavirus vaccine will be added to other vaccines such as measles and mumps, which are required for nearly 7 million students to attend K-12 schools in person. The mandate applies initially to grades 7-12, then from kindergarten through grade 6, but only after the Food and Drug Administration has given full approval for a vaccine for this age group.

The mandate is one of the largest announced during the coronavirus pandemic, killing more than 700,000 people, disrupting education and destroying the economy.

Another drastic rule requiring vaccination of healthcare workers came into effect Thursday in California after similar and sometimes even stricter obligations came into effect in New York, Rhode Island, Maine, Oregon and the District of Columbia. Connecticut government officials, school employees, and child care workers must be vaccinated at least once on October 4. In addition, big companies such as United Airlines and Tyson Foods are demanding hundreds of thousands of workers to get coronavirus vaccines.

Preliminary data suggest that the mandate serves to convince detainees who continue to refuse vaccination, either because of misinformation or for religious or political reasons. (Many assignments limit medical and religious exemptions.) However, schools tend to be more careful with their assignments. This is due to the political consequences of parental violence, not all children are vaccinated. Studies show that a healthy percentage of parents (about 40-50% according to some estimates) are reluctant to vaccinate their children.

Some school systems require children to be vaccinated with Covid-19, and Newsham regulations across the country are subject to federal approval, which can take months, especially for young students. However, Pfizer BioNTech vaccines are fully approved for people over the age of 16. Vaccines will continue to be available to children 12-15 years of age with emergency clearance.

Pfizer and BioNTech will formally ask the FDA next week to approve the emergency use of the vaccine in children ages 5-11. dr. Scott Gottlieb, a board member at Pfizer, said the FDA could not decide to approve Halloween at the earliest.

The California mission is expected to provide political coverage to schools in more conservative areas of the state to enforce a similar mission at the district level, particularly in areas where vaccine resistance has created a coronavirus hotspot. Me. Kevin Kylie, a Republican lawmaker on his Chamber of Commerce Board of Education who is one of Newsham’s competitors in recent attempts to get him back, could have a direct impact on his mission. Congress said he was petty and criticized the governor for acting unilaterally and not working.

He added that mandatory vaccination of children was incompatible with the governor’s refusal to issue the order to state prisoners. A federal judge this week ordered security guards to be vaccinated.

“The governor obviously wants the title,” Kylie said. “We’ve seen the worst school closures, the worst business closures, and now we have the highest level of coercion and control over our obligations.”

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October 1, 2021, 6:48 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time)

Polls show California is ahead of the country when it comes to vaccinating children. Nationally, according to a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, about 48% of parents with children between the ages of 12 and 17 stated that their children would be vaccinated in September.

Newsam said it was important to get a higher level of immunity to keep classrooms open. About 63% of Californians ages 12-17 are vaccinated at least once, compared to about 72% of all eligible Californians.

The governor said the requirements, along with provisions for independent research for unvaccinated students, are expected to apply to grades 7 and above from July 2022 for the following fall semester. Ricefield. Rules for exempt students from taxes and other taxes are established through a public rule-making process.

Status of vaccination requirements in the US
Vaccination regulations. On August 23, the FDA granted full approval of Pfizer BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccine to people over the age of 16, paving the way for mandatory use in the public and private sectors. .. Such obligations are legally permitted and enforced by the courts.
University. More than 400 universities require their students to be vaccinated against Covid-19. Nearly all of them were in the states that elected President Biden.

School. California was the first state to require all teachers to be vaccinated and has announced it will include the Covid-19 vaccine as a prerequisite for school attendance in early fall. Los Angeles is now required to vaccinate public school students over the age of 12 who will attend live classes starting November 21. Vaccination requirements have been introduced for teachers and staff in New York, but are not yet in effect due to legal issues. On September 27, the Federal Court of Appeals overturned the decision to suspend its mission.

Hospitals and Medical Centers: Many hospitals and large healthcare systems require employees to be vaccinated. The commitment of health workers in California and New York appears to have forced thousands of inmates to be vaccinated.
New York: Indoor restaurants, gyms, shows, and other indoor situations require vaccinations for workers and customers. City educators and hospital staff should also be vaccinated.
At the federal level. On September 9, President Biden announced mandatory vaccination for most federal employees. This mission applies to employees of the White House and government agencies, including all federal and military officials.
it is the private sector. Biden requires all companies with 100+ employees to require weekly vaccinations or tests to support the company’s new vaccination policy. Several companies such as United Airlines and Tyson Foods were in debt before Biden’s announcement.

“We want to end this pandemic. The governor said he had four children and twelve older sons. His family had to be quarantined several times during the pandemic. Days after Mr Newsum won the recall, his office confirmed that his two children had tested positive for Covid-19.

California has very strict policies on pandemic health precautions. It’s an approach that, at the request of the state’s powerful teacher unions, has extended school closures far overseas, but has also spawned one of the states. Lowest rate of new coronavirus cases recently.

Last month, the Los Angeles Integrated School District, the second largest in the United States, became the first major school district in the country to announce an obligation to vaccinate children over the age of 12 in person at school. This goes into effect in January.

The Culver City and Pedmont school districts made similar reports. The Auckland School Board decided last month to vaccinate students over the age of 12, but details as to when have not been released. San Diego students aged 16 and over must be vaccinated by the end of December