BTS Suga And Blackpinks Lisa Are Reminding Americans Of An Important Truth About Rap Music

Rap has enjoyed constant popularity since becoming mainstream as an exciting “new” music genre decades ago. In less than half a century it has become one of the most popular and successful music genres in the world’s largest music market, a style that is rarely heard of. Rap and hip-hop make up the largest proportion of music consumption in the United States today and have outperformed rock and pop in recent years.

Rap may be very popular these days, but there are still many misconceptions about the genre and the two foreign stars here offer friendly and important memories for American listeners and chart watchers alike. It’s useful for.

America’s best-selling rap song this week is Lisa’s “Money”. For touring fans who may not know her name, she is one of the four members of the Korean girl group Black Pink. Lisa has just started her solo career and is getting applause. This week she became number one as the first female musician in the K-pop industry. BillboardRap sales chart for digital songs. In this way, he overcomes the barrier, but is not the only unexpected winner in this ranking.

Most of the biggest rappers are from the United States, with some rappers from North American countries such as Canada and the Caribbean. Although the British hip hop scene was growing all the time, many of the most popular musicians in the field were unpopular in the United States.

Hip-hop is still widely viewed as a Western phenomenon, but for American listeners who may not be aware that it is a global genre and is now admired and accepted by millions of artists worldwide. Me. Artists from other parts of the world are slowly bringing their own versions of touring to the United States and are occasionally chart hits.

Since Suga, Psy and FORBESBTS’ Suga, Psy and Blackpinks’ Lisa, they are the only K-Pop musicians to top the touring charts. NS Hugh McIntyre

Lisa is the latest K-pop act to land in the United States, and it definitely won’t be the last. In 2020 Agust D also released the Korean single “Daechwita”, which topped the digital track sales list on the tour. The artist also known as Suga conquered almost half of the charts with songs from his mix band while working with global dominating band BTS. D-2 Arrives soon.

Several years ago, Sai became the first Korean musician to reach number one on the US charts when his breakthrough “Gangnam Style” became the leader in sales, streaming, and general listings for the rap genre. I broke the barrier when I did. He continued to collect several other successful singles before time ran out and it would be years before Suga could join the show.

Most of the songs featured on Billboard are by American musicians, some outside the United States but still in the Western Hemisphere. People outside of this part of the world rarely fall into this chart, but it reminds us that great rap music is created everywhere.

It may sound different and be done in other languages, and for the most part it doesn’t reach the masses of the US, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Lisa, Suga and Sai proved that there is a foreign market in the US and we hope their success paved the way for more musicians who deserve to hear their art here. …and perhaps it will encourage some fans of the genre to seek out songs and acts they never knew existed.

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