Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and Shiba Inu Daily Price Analysis

At the end of the year, market sentiment began to change. With only one day left in 2021, investors are changing their minds and reflecting changes in market prices. The growth of 1.15% indicates a positive trend and we expect the market to recover soon. The two leading coins will rebound, which means the whole market will go up.

Bitcoin was expected to hit $100,000 by 2021, but those hopes were dashed when the worst of the recession hit the market. Although Bitcoin’s performance is satisfactory, it has not been able to pass the phase that investors expect. October 2021 took it to $69,000 but then started pulling back and is now struggling to stay in the $46,000 area. El Salvador has announced it will use Bitcoin as a legal tender, but changes in the value of Bitcoin could cause them to reconsider their decision.

There is also news of scams in the name of cryptocurrencies that can undermine investor confidence. The market is changing and the fluctuations are obvious. We hope the new year brings improvement as service providers seek solutions to investors’ problems. Experts expect 2022 to be a growth year for both the leading and small coins.

BTC Return: 2.0
Bitcoin is unpredictable in the final quarter of 2021. It is the fluctuations that cause it to fluctuate up and down. The last days of December 2021 saw a new decline, but it is starting to recover and if it continues to grow, Bitcoin will close in 2021 on an upward note.

Starting the year on an uptrend can be a good start and attract more investors. The main problem facing Bitcoin today is investor uncertainty. If they remain stable in their investments, Bitcoin cannot face a number of key stages.

According to the latest update, Bitcoin price is around $46,980 while its weekly loss is 8.14%. Bitcoin’s current market cap is $887,914,482,986. While the trading volume for it in the last 24 hours was $36,162,861,411.

ETH police after Bitcoin fingerprint
Ethereum is on the rise and needs to be strengthened due to the rivals it faces in 2022. A different ecosystem is preparing to replace it by providing better services. Because of this, they attract customers who have used Ethereum before.

The recent recession has robbed him of the Ethereum prize money he previously won. After remaining bullish for several days, Ethereum is starting to rebound, rising 1.83% over the last 24 hours. The current market cap of the coin in question is around $441,798,055,548.

The trading volume of this coin over the last 24 hours has remained at $12,050,156,155.

ADA is optimistic that it will save its position
Experts predict that Cardano may not stay in the top 10 due to increasingly fierce competition. The changes could also affect Cardano’s price, and he started investing more to save his position.

According to the latest update, Cardano’s 24-hour payout is 1.95% and comes to $1.34. If we look at the 7-day performance, that’s minus 9.03%. The current market cap for Cardano is around 44,836,197,885 USD, while the trading volume for Cardano in the last 24 hours is around 1,186,215,524 USD.

SHIB back in the ring
Shiba Inu is regaining momentum after consistently losing 13.15% over the past seven days. According to the latest update, he is back in the ring with a 1.20% gain. The current price of Shiba Inu is around $0.00003391 while its market cap is estimated at $18,620,642,947.

Shiba Inu trading volume has also increased and is expected to reach $928,390,821 over the last 24 hours. The above amount can be converted to 27,375,280,313,952 SHIB.

Last thought
The bullish market sentiment news is good news because of its impact for investors. If the market starts with an uptrend in 2022, this will be reflected in the long term. According to the available data, 2021 can be considered the biggest year for cryptocurrencies since its inception, but 2022 could bring even greater returns. So we’ll have to wait and see how investors feel about this market. The New Year will be the year of NFT, new cryptocurrencies, and the improvement of the current blockchain ecosystem.

Experts hope that 2022 will bring good news for the crypto market that will bring high returns for investors. Bitcoin and other high-end coins are expected to go through an unfinished stage in 2021.