Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Cosmos, Fantom Price Analysis

So far, we haven’t seen any surprising gains or losses in the cryptocurrency market since the first downturn cycle of winter in early December. Since then, cryptocurrency investors have remained jittery, watching the news about cryptocurrencies to make sure they know the right time to strike. Like most stock markets, the crypto market is turbulent. People’s livelihoods may be at stake after thousands of people invest in cryptocurrencies depending on the sword and the uptrend.

There’s only one thing we can do to see how things go: wait patiently and alertly. We are currently seeing the aftermath of a small upward growth which led us to today’s bearish growth.

The cryptocurrency market did not suffer any significant losses, but the cryptocurrency market cap fell 0.52% to reach $2,352,268,037,630 while trading volume suffered 6.38%. Market cap seems to be struggling to gain momentum, almost like floating sand. However, the crypto market just needs a small push in the right direction.

Bitcoin suffered a 1.72% loss overnight.
While most crypto markets are on high alert, investors are still hoping that yesterday’s uptrend will push Bitcoin into a stronger position in terms of market value. read also atrangi re full movie download filmywap

However, before any significant changes can be made, the demand for Bitcoin is again declining, taking into account market value along with market cap. Interest in the crypto market has been low since the bear market started making news.

People are more cautious about the reliability of cryptocurrencies, and the bear race shows the downside of the crypto market. It’s understandable why there hasn’t been much crypto traffic since the recent downturn.

Bitcoin has lost 1.72% so far to $49,820. It has not recovered from December’s decline but is trying to keep up with market volatility. Due to the decline in market value, Bitcoin’s market cap also fell 2.25% to $941,108,551,816

Ethereum and BNB stay rooted to avoid crashing.
The cryptocurrency market today is like quicksand as cryptocurrencies are once again losing their hard-earned value. However, Ethereum is not making any sudden moves to prove that it is destined to sink beneath the surface. It remains above the $4,000 mark but is down 1.30% in the last 24 hours. It is currently trading at $4,040 while its market cap is still around $480,314,234,834.

The same is true for Binance Coin. The price of the third-highest cryptocurrency fell to $537.50 last night but was able to rebound by some margin and soar above $540. Binance has always been known for its flexibility, in fact it never stops long before exploding again and is always struggling when it comes to running bears. At the time of writing, Binance’s market value is around $543.43 with a market cap of $90,701,161,950.

Cosmos and Fantom are back at the top of the winners list
Most people are familiar with the name Cosmos throughout the crypto market, which is known for its crypto token ATOM. The company presents itself as a project to eliminate all the concerns that blockchain protocols face for proof of work. It has grown exponentially throughout the years and has topped the winners list time and time again. Today is no different; ATOM has appreciated 14.62% of its value over the past 24 hours, hitting a price tag of $31.36.

Fantom is number two on today’s list of winners. Fantom is a smart and targeted acrylic graphics contract platform that provides DeFi services to developers. The cryptocurrency ranks 33rd among the top 100 in the crypto market thanks to its market cap of US$5,900,982,575. After gaining 12.44% on the last day, FTM was trading at $2.31.

Last thought
The rocky surface of the crypto market is as rough as almost all cryptocurrencies are starting to show signs of slowing growth. Bitcoin has always been at the top of the list of cryptocurrencies hit by declining growth, accounting for 40.37% of the crypto market. However, red charts are starting to appear among the top 100 cryptocurrencies, which worries investors. Will the bear stop walking before it does serious damage? Or will we see never-before-seen lows in 2021 and see cryptocurrencies crash? Only time that can answer.