Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Cardano, Algorand Daily Price Analysis

The market has been volatile for weeks and is still subject to strong fluctuations. The continuous pattern of ups and downs has resulted in a number of gains and losses for both small and large currencies.

The market-leading coin, Bitcoin, attempted to recover from the hit of China’s ban and inflation but failed. Recent developments have lost more of their value and show how challenging the situation is.

The deteriorating situation of the Evergrande Group also contributed to the worsening of the situation. This is because the company’s failure to pay interest and bond payments of $82.5 million overshadowed the rest of the market. Liquidity is also fueled by uncertainty due to Covid options, which again endangers global business. This has caused the plight of leading cryptocurrencies, which are important in determining the direction of the market. The rest comes from the current market situation.

Investors are not sure if they will be safe for their assets at the end of the day. This has resulted in them selling and liquidating their investments in various markets including cryptocurrencies.

BTC slips to $46,000 area and can’t hold on $48,000
Bitcoin is trying hard to stay stable, but this time the situation is very different. There are no challenges Bitcoin has to face. Because of that, he was in a difficult battle and gradually suffered losses. The recent market swings have made investors cynical about the $59,000 drop which is the biggest news for investors.

When a trip in the opposite direction begins, it doesn’t end with a loss of $1,000 or $2,000; instead, he lost more than $13,000. It is unclear how long this recession will last as the bear market trend is still clear. There is still a chance for the market to improve if the global economy stabilizes or the situation changes with the new version of Covid.

The latest bitcoin update tells a different story. In the last 24 hours suffered a loss of 3.71%. He brought his seven-day loss to 7.89% which is a clear testament to how much was gained and lost in the previous week. The current price is estimated at $46,842.77.

This also affected Bitcoin’s market cap, which fell to $884,478,390,082. In the last 24 hours, its trading volume was estimated at $32,145,618,655. Recent changes suggest that Bitcoin’s recovery curve has suffered from recent changes.

NBB is moving fast, but in the wrong direction
Binance Coin bounced back from the previous day’s update, but its revival has stalled due to Bitcoin’s deteriorating situation. There may be a spike in NFT sales and other positive swings in the market, but the magnitude of the negative changes overshadows the positives.

The current situation of Binance Coin can be seen from the price changes. At the time of writing, the price is estimated at $521.94. It used to be well above its current value, but the changing market environment has affected it. It suffered a 6.11% loss in the last 24 hours while a seven-day loss was 10.99%.

The losses observed by Binance Coin also have an impact on its current market cap, which is estimated at $86,920,350,775. Its trading volume over the last 24 hours has remained at $1,894,930,899.

Despite the unfavorable situation for the crypto market, there is hope for a recovery.

ADA and ALGO red due to bumps
Cardano and Algorand have also been affected by the recent market changes. However, both moved forward as the market surged higher. Recent changes have turned my momentum in a negative direction.

Cardano is currently at number 7 on the list and has a price range of $1.22. In the last 24 hours liquidation was 6.29% while in the last seven days suffered 15.19%. Cardano’s woes were evident in the weekly losses that heavily impacted the price.

The market cap is currently estimated at $40,800,958,399. Its trading volume over the last 24 hours has remained at $1,456,546,575.

The situation with the coin at number 22 on the list, Algorand, is no different. He has lost 24.60% in the last seven days and 10.21% in the last 24 hours. This has an impact on the coin’s market cap of $8,405,065,313.

Trading volume on Algorand over the last 24 hours was $310,588,673.

Last thought
Recent market changes worry investors, but there is no permanent situation in the crypto market. It will change as soon as the global changes start showing improvement. Although the situation with the virus is unclear and the economies of leading countries are suffering, there is hope for improvement. Improvements in the market will be seen when investors return to the market with renewed hope.

NFTs, enhanced blockchain systems, and many digital services are the future of the world, but their implementation will take time. The changing market situation due to the pandemic and other issues is part of the process. The market is not guaranteed, but investors expect better returns.