Bitcoin At $67803 Ether Hits $4825

The cryptocurrency market cap is just under $3 trillion, compared to $2.92 trillion.

Bitcoin and Ether peaked in Asian trading on Tuesday as their excitement for the cryptocurrency launch and fears of inflation secured support for the asset class.

Bitcoin rose to $67,803 and ether, the second-largest cryptocurrency, hit $4,825 in early Asia.

Both have more than doubled since June and are up nearly 70 percent against the dollar since early October.

Chris Weston, head of research at brokerage Pepperstone, said: “(Ether) is a dream-like trend so I’m going to be here long and strong,” he added.

“I have a feeling the client is long, 79% of open positions are held long and the $5,000 party is about to start.”

Since the introduction of the Bitcoin futures-based exchange-traded fund in the United States last month, momentum has picked up and expectations for flow-driven gains have increased.

Bitcoin entered $95 million last week, the largest digital asset according to CoinShares, while cryptocurrency flows were $2.8 billion during an eight-week spike. before.

In recent weeks, Australia’s largest bank announced that it would be offering cryptocurrency trading to retail customers. Singaporean officials heard positive about the asset class and stock sentiment spilled in favor.

According to cryptocurrency and data aggregator Coin Gecko, the move has helped push the cryptocurrency market cap to over $3 trillion.

On the CoinMarketCap platform, which tracks 13,796 cryptocurrencies, the cryptocurrency market cap is just under $3 trillion at $2.92 trillion.

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