Biden Calls Curbing Filibuster to Raise Debt Limit a Real Possibility

President Washington Biden said Tuesday that Democrats are considering changing Senate rules to filibusters and avoiding the Republican standoff to raise the debt limit.

“Oh, I think that’s a real possibility,” Biden said when asked if Democrats were considering a definite path. 60 votes required.

Democratic senators discussed opening exceptions for Tuesday’s Sunday dinner. No conclusions were drawn, but more specifically, according to participants, the two strongest opponents of the filibuster change, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin III and Kirsten Cinema in Arizona, did not protest. .. They also did not express their support.

The move, once almost unimaginable in a label-laden space, is now mooted as the Biden administration and Democrats in parliament look for ways to avoid a government failure without Republican support. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned lawmakers of “catastrophic” consequences, including a recession and financial crisis, if Congress failed to take action by October 18, when the government is unlikely to be able to pay the bills.

On Wednesday, the Senate will vote on whether legislation to increase the debt limit should be passed by December 2022. The vote is likely to fail, as 10 Republican Senators must support the Democratic Party.

Some Democrats have expressed hope that the party could get 50 votes to change the rules if limiting filibusters was the only avenue remaining.

In recent years, lawmakers have made further exceptions to filibusters. In 2017 Republicans set up a party in the Senate to pave the way for Donald J. Trump’s first presidential candidate, Neil M. Gorsuh, to stand on the bench. In 2013, Senate Democrats did the same to crush Republican opposition to President Barack Obama’s cabinet and judge candidate.

Biden’s remarks were made late Tuesday as he returned to the White House after traveling to Michigan to sell the bipartisan infrastructure package and the massive social spending brought before the legislature. The President’s increasingly confrontational approach to the shared space presented reflects that obstacles are gradually emerging as he tries to go beyond the national agenda.

“Soon this week your savings and notebooks could be directly affected by these Republican tactics,” Biden said in a statement to the White House on Monday, and Wednesday’s vote flop on financial markets. Warn you can post stock prices. Lower and higher interest rates. “The meteor is heading towards our economy,” he said.

The president was also disappointed by Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell’s recent announcement that Democrats would have to use the deal if he wanted to oust the Republican Party. Against the increase in the debt ceiling.