Biden and Xi Jinping of China Agree to Hold a Virtual Summit 2021

President Biden will meet Chinese President Xi Jinping for the first summit later this year, but not in person in practice, with pandemic-era concessions and the risk of a new term in office for the year. There is a confession. The official meeting between the world’s largest and second largest business leaders.

The announcement by US officials on Wednesday followed a six-hour meeting between National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and his closest Chinese counterpart, Yang Jichi, Beijing’s chief diplomat. I’m broken

The American representatives wanted to meet in person. However, Xi has not left Chinese territory for such a meeting for almost two years and will not attend the G20 summit in Rome this month, which is usually attended by Chinese leaders. The Sullivan meeting followed the 9/11 conversation between Biden and Shea, and both leaders agreed that there was too little communication between the two governments.

However, when Mr Sullivan arrived in Zurich for a meeting on Wednesday, the Chinese Air Force was in the Taiwan Air Defense identification area. This is a clear warning for the island. And the United States announced a new agreement to supply Australia with nuclear submarines. It can appear anywhere along China’s coast or through conflict zones in the South China Sea.

The two countries recently swapped jailed citizens after the Justice Department announced it was delaying an enforcement deal with executives at telecommunications giant Huawei and allowing him to return to China. Two Americans and two Canadians long imprisoned in China flew home within hours.

Exactly when the summit will take place remains unclear. Other officials may attend as if the conference was being held in the United States or China.

The decision to host the meeting on protected video, however, was in stark contrast to Biden’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin last June. The meeting at the mansion on the hill in Geneva was a face-to-face meeting.

A senior US official said at a briefing after the meeting on Wednesday that the two men had direct, broad and honest conversations. Mr Sullivan said US officials were China’s attempt to condition US concessions in bilateral conflicts on issues in which both countries have strong national interests, such as fighting global warming and nuclear proliferation. He says he is against it.

Officials said Sullivan specifically cited the climate as an example of how to coordinate the approaches of the two countries not only in the interests of the United States. But China often blames the United States for such relations. Beijing, for example, imposes sanctions on China for human rights abuses that seek to interfere in domestic affairs.

Officials provided few details on what was said in Taiwan, other than repeating previous US statements.

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