Biden and Pelosi work out a congressional baseball game

The legislature played a lot of tough politics on Capitol Hill in the face of the many crises that hit Washington, but real hardball drew Democrats and Republicans to national parks for the annual Congressional charity game Wednesday night.

The game provides a brief moment amid deep guerrilla divisions and major drama in Congress as leaders try to envision a government shutdown and possible national bankruptcy while Democrats fiercely divide a key part of social policy. work hard to get over it. .

He suggested elsewhere for Democrats trying to raise $1 trillion for the House voting infrastructure bill on Thursday with the support currently needed to break the liberal drawdown. it looks very low.

President Biden, a former member of the Senate, has long appeared in the Republican dugout with his political foes. Spokesman Nancy Pelosi is also ready to do what she usually does – push her Democrats to victory. In this case, he didn’t, ditching the Republican team in a close match at 13-12. Mrs. Pelosi had to hope not to be confronted with loud noises.

The president received some Republican blessing from the stands, but was welcomed into the party shelter for photos and ribs, even as Republican lawmakers in red uniforms protested nearly all of his legislative agenda. He handed out ice cream bars with the President’s seal on the box and answered the call as he watched the game.

Pelosi was seen working her phone from the stands while she was on the game TV show, a key Democratic internal debate about the size of the progressive infrastructure sinking to advocate for 3. to vote, $5 trillion. has threatened. Packages that carry most of your preferences.

However, the game night actually took place outside the park run by Florida Republican Greg Stubb, an impressive feat for most games played by a group of amateurs before the game started. Formerly.

The big question after the game is how Ms. Pelosi and her party will present themselves when it is the legislature’s turn.

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