Best Premium Wired Earphones to Buy Online 2021

If you’re looking for wired headphones that offer great sound reproduction, here are a few options for you. We have listed the best options available along with the best deals you can get. There are special discounts and offers for these headphones to take advantage of their sale.

1. Sony MDR-XB55AP
According to Sony, the MDR-XB55AP headphones are aimed at users who listen to electronic dance music (EDM). These headphones are equipped with 12mm neodymium drivers that deliver extra powerful bass for club-like sound. Comes with a tangle-free serrated cable and a built-in hands-free microphone.

2. Apple EarPods
Apple’s headphones don’t have the traditional rounded design and the design of the headphones is defined by the geometry of the ear, according to the company. These headphones offer deep, rich bass and sweat/water protection. According to Apple, the speakers in these headphones are designed to increase sound output and reduce noise for high-quality sound.

3. Combat mode
Marshall mode headphones claim to deliver balanced sound with their dedicated drivers. They have a unique in-ear design that anchors the user’s ear. The headphones have a durable cable and microphone that eliminate unwanted feedback and distortion.

4. Sennheiser CX 300s
The Sennheiser CX 300s headphones feature the company’s transducer technology that responds to detailed sound reproduction and enhanced bass. The ear design fits perfectly and reduces ambient noise. They have a smart remote control that allows users to control music and make calls.

5. Philips PRO6305BK
Philips PRO6305BK headphones are equipped with 12.2 mm neodymium drivers for outstanding sound reproduction. They have an elegant ergonomic design that sits securely. According to the company, vacuum metallization gives them a luxurious metallic finish. They are equipped with silicone tips for individual passive sound isolation.

6. Battle mode equalizer
Marshall EQ headphones come with dedicated drivers. The driver delivers crystal-clear sound with minimal distortion, the company says. The unique selling point of these headphones is the EQ button, which controls two different EQ settings: EQ I for warm bass and EQ II for smooth sound. They have very strong rubber sheathed cables, microphones, and remote controls for communication.

7. Magic Sound E10C
The SoundMAGIC E10C headphones aim to deliver balanced sound with powerful bass. The headphones have a sturdy construction with two-tone metal headphones and flat metal hardware. The headset is compatible with smartphones, tablets and computers and has a smart remote control for talking and managing music.

8. SkullCandy Sports Kit
The Skulkandy sports headphone set is designed to ensure accuracy thanks to powerful bass, warm, natural sound and crystal clear sound technology. According to the company, the headphones’ welded construction protects sensitive components from moisture. They have a specially designed flat antiperspirant remote control with a microphone to control music and calls.