Best Black Friday SSD deals

You’ve been home a long time and want to come back with your favorite video game, only an update so big it won’t fit on your device – yes, we’re watching you, Call of Duty. Apparently, you need a new SSD which is not as expensive as you think.

The game keeps getting bigger. Whether you’re looking for intricate graphics or lost in their vast world, Rockstar, Bethesda, and Ubisoft are vying for the biggest map. Even Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War is rare on a 250GB device, and all game modes take up to 175GB.

Your first thought is to buy a new hard drive and you wouldn’t be wrong to think that it offers more capacity at a much lower price. But unless you want to spend more time on your home screen than playing games, it’s better to have a good SSD to speed things up. There are plenty of offers from WD, Samsung, and Crucial, if you can’t wait, let’s see what we can see on Black Friday.

WD_BLACK SN750 2TB NVMe SSD – 61% off
Western Digital always offers cheaper SSD options, and during the Black Friday season, their products are some of the cheapest SSDs you can get. Despite their low cost, they are still a great choice for anyone looking to improve the performance of their gaming computer. With a maximum write speed of 3000MB/s and 1200TB of endurance, the WD SN750 2TB NVMe SSD offers some very fast specs and you can get it now for less than half the price.

SanDisk 1TB Portable SSD – 52% off
If you’re looking for a portable storage solution that lets you easily switch between your laptop and gaming PC, Sandisk’s 1TB portable SSD account is a better choice. If your device does not have a USB-C port, it has a USB-C interface with a USB-A adapter with a read speed of 1050 MB/s and a write speed of 1000 MB/s. It’s also designed to withstand 2 meter drop protection and is IP5 water and dust resistant, so you can game on the go with the peace of mind that your data is safe from the elements.

WD_Black SN850 1TB NVMe SSD – 35% off
Here’s another great pick from Western Digital. Designed specifically for gaming, this SSD offers fast read and write speeds of 7000 and 5300 MB/s respectively. This can shorten SSD boot time and lag for a smoother gaming experience.

When is Black Friday 2021?
The Black Friday deal has already started and will last until November, but Crop of Crop will be releasing on November 26, 2021. Three days later, on November 29, Cyber ​​Monday arrives.

How to find the best Black Friday deals
During the event, we put the best Black Friday deals on the pages worth highlighting while you’re in the market for new computer gaming parts, peripherals, laptops, and more. When an offer appears, we’ll also highlight the discount so you don’t miss anything.

If the console on offer is too big for you, you can contact our friends for the Tactics or Charging Bag as they cover Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Best SSD deals
If you don’t mind our highlighted deals, you’re in luck as more wood deals are coming as Black Friday approaches. None of the best gaming SSDs seem to be protected by the mobile tag, so now is the time to upgrade.

This year isn’t the kind of gaming hardware inventory, so you might not want to wait for the deal to come along. When you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you can skip the limit and get free shipping to get started. In the meantime, stay tuned as we will update this page with new offers as they are announced.