Best Black Friday 2021 deals on gaming RAM

There’s not a lot of detail to go into when choosing the best RAM versus gaming monitor offering, but your gaming computer won’t go very far without a high-quality memory or four. If you are new to all these computer games, RAM is your system’s short term storage and you need at least 8GB in your system to run most modern games properly.

We recommend at least 8GB for any gaming system, but moving it up to 16GB can boost performance even further, especially if you want to run games with multiple Chrome and Discord tabs. Then there are clock speeds that aren’t very effective for your game. It is safest to choose a minimum clock setting of 3000 MHz.

Remember, there are a number of important decisions you have to make when considering RGB lighting for your RAM. This sounds like a silly and unnecessary addition, but there’s no quicker way to tell if you clicked the stick correctly than by striking the bright colors. Whatever your needs may be, you can rest assured that we’ve rounded up the best Black Friday deals on RAM for gaming right here.

Kingston Fury Beast RGB 32GB (2x16GB)
This set of 2 Kingston Fury Beast RGB RAM sticks is a must-have for any computer gamer or streamer and is also equipped with RGB lighting. The fastest RAM speed of 32000 MHz may not be available, but clock speed isn’t as critical as time and with CL16 sync you can expect this stick to have no issues with your CPU and GPU.

Corsair Rache LPX 16GB (2x8GB)
Corsair is a standalone brand when it comes to gaming RAM and don’t let the RGB-free display of this Cosair Vengeance LPX stick fool you because it’s packaged so well. The 3200 MHz clock speed and CL16 memory time are very respectable traits, and the lack of RGB helps keep the price of this RAM kit good and low.

When is Black Friday 2021?
The Black Friday deal has already started and will last until November, but Crop of Crop will be releasing on November 26, 2021. Three days later, on November 29, Cyber ​​Monday arrives.

How to Find the Best Deals on Black Friday
During the event, we’ve put the best Black Friday deals on the page worth highlighting when you’re in the market for new computer gaming components, peripherals, laptops, and more. If there’s a deal, we’ll also highlight the discount so you don’t miss out.

If the console on offer is too big for you, you can contact our friends for the Tactics or Charging Bag as they cover Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Best offer on RAM for games
If you don’t mind our highlighted deals, you’re in luck as more wood deals are coming as Black Friday approaches. There doesn’t seem to be the best RAM for gaming that’s covered by a retail label, so now’s the time to upgrade.

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This year it’s not the stock type for gaming hardware, so you might not want to wait for a deal. When you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you can skip the limit and get free shipping to get started. In the meantime, stay tuned as we will update this page with new offers as they are announced.