BAYC’s NFTs top trend tables once more after Eminem purchase

Recently rapper Eminem, one of the most famous urban rappers in the world, has re-entered the NFT market. Real name artist Marshall Mathers bought a virtual BAYC song for 9,055, which is worth more than $450,000.

Not only is Eminem known for writing songs that depict street realities, but he’s also been an integral part of the irreplaceable auction growth along with Snoop Dogg and fellow rappers. In recent months, artists have purchased several NFT works to add credibility to the virtual market.

Eminem invested under $500,000 in a piece of BAYC NFT, the acronym for Bored Ape Yacht Club’s virtual collection. According to reports, the virtual cut is 9055 and a monkey with facial features similar to the artist’s face. After the purchase, Eminem named the song “EminApe”, which now occupies the photo position on his Twitter account.

The artist purchased the work from the OpenSea platform after seeing that Shady Holdings, its former owner, sold it. Eminem is said to have paid exactly $452,000 for the image.

After buying BAYC tracks, Eminem has not only debuted with NTFS or cryptocurrencies, but has also shown interest in the market in recent months. The artist even named Bitcoin, the highest-rated cryptocurrency in cryptographic trading, in his 2018 single “Not Alike”.

The much-needed future of retail
With Eminem as the main active owner of NFT in the market, it is not surprising that the future of retail looks bright. The BAYC collection is one of the most symbolic for the market. He had 10,000 unique items, of which only a few were left free.

The NFT marketplace can open new auctions of participants until 2022. Eminem can also launch his own NFT collection, break the chain of buyers, and become the creator of the indispensable token. Snoop Dogg could join the creation of the irreplaceable Wave as America’s greatest rapper made a big leap in the industry.

As speculation about the irreplaceable token market continues, all we have to do is wait for OpenSea to issue a new approval or auction. Cryptocurrencies are also expected to increase the demand for buying and selling.