Basic Attention Token price analysis

BAT is soaring today as upward momentum has boosted the price by $1.7 today. At the beginning of the week the price was trending down, but on November 23, things started to improve for BAT as an uptrend was observed on the chart. BAT then embarked on a slow rebound over a two-day period and climbed to its highest in the past 28 hours, crossing key resistance at $1.28 yesterday, providing a key support level.

When the price is soaring, BAT is seen as overbought even in the $1.4 range. However, the token was able to soar higher even in an overbought condition. As we can see, the token was consolidated from November 9 to 24, and the RSI was in neutral territory at the time as its price was above $1 especially during the consolidation period.

1-Day BAT/USD Price Chart: BAT hits ATH at $1.74
The one-day Basic Attention Token Price Analysis chart shows the token yesterday at $1.42 the previous high of 8. At the time of writing, the token is trading at $1.74 at the highest price ever seen and has gained 48 percent of its value in the last 24 hours. Trading volume grew as it has increased 671 percent, increasing the market cap by 52 percent.

BAT/USD is very volatile at the moment as Bollinger Bands diverged sharply yesterday as the token price spiked high and the indicator’s divergence continued, with the upper band reaching 1.48 USD which was the initial support for . represents BAT and the lower band drops to 0.82 which is the lowest level of BAT support.

The moving average has risen to the level of $1.18. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) yesterday entered overbought territory and is still trading in overbought territory at index 77 on a steep curve.

Price analysis of the most important alerts: the latest developments and additional technical advice
A 4-hour analysis of the Basic Attention Token price shows that the token continues to cover bandwidth upwards today. The last minor correction was observed yesterday. But the buying seems to be slowing down as the bulls are tired and the token is overbought.

The RSI curve also confirms the statement above, as the RSI curve turned and flattened at the 48 index, showing signs of bullish exhaustion. The volatility is increasing as the Bollinger Bands on the 4-hour chart continue to widen. Most technical indicators speak for bullish momentum according to our price analysis of the Basic Attention Token.