Baldwin Shooting Raises Question About Assistant Director

In his statement, Detective Joel Kano said Mr Halls had captured one of the three guns mounted by the film’s shooter, Hannah Gutierrez Reed. The detective said the gun was in the wagon due to Covid-19 restrictions which was left outside the wooden structure before Mr Halls handed over one of Mr Baldwin’s guns during practice. Gutierrez-Reid did not respond to a request for comment.

The disclosure provides an overview of how weapons should be treated on film sets. Several professional gunsmiths skilled in weapons say their job is to procure firearms for safe use and assistant directors inspect weapons and disassemble them. He says he has to confirm. Usually the gun shop is the one who gives the gun to the actor.

Larry Zanov, an expert on the use of firearms on film sets using the Django Unchained set as an armored car, said that the industry standard assistant director is the main assistant to the director of sets and weapons in general. Checked if it is exhausted and operationally safe.

Lisa Long, who worked with Halls as a camera operator’s first assistant on set earlier this year, said she complained to her boss several times during the process about the lack of adequate security meetings and concerns about the breach. Covid-19 protocol.

“I usually go to the Army first with security concerns,” Long said of Hall’s role as assistant director. “But the security issue is in the first AD.”

While filming “One Way” with Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Fimmel, Long was filming a scene on an active freeway without proper training by the crew, which resulted in a collision between the two vehicles. He said he barely avoided it.

“I don’t remember having a proper security meeting,” he said of production.

Similarly, TV licensed fireworks engineer Maggie Gaulle said in a statement on Sunday that I didn’t keep her in 2019 when Halls became the first assistant director in the feature-length horror series In the Dark, Safe Work Environment.