Bakkt president Adam White resigns

Adam White, founder and president of crypto firm Bakkt, has announced that he is leaving his role at the company.

While he did not reveal the reason for his departure or what to do about it, White announced his intention to step down in a post on his Twitter page.

In his resignation letter, White expressed his satisfaction with the maturation of the crypto industry from a regulatory perspective.
“There’s still a lot to be done here, but I’ve never been so optimistic about the future,” he said.

The outgoing president was an Air Force veteran before his debut in the crypto industry. He made a name for himself in the industry while at Coinbase, where he was vice president and general manager for five years.

He left Coinbase to start Bakkt in 2018 and now three years later he is ready to go.

White tweeted on Thursday. “I love working at the crypto+ market interface and happy that the industry is finding a balance between innovation and regulation. There’s still a lot to do here, but I’ve never been so optimistic about the future.”

White delivers Bakkt to the NYSE
During his tenure, Bakkt became the second publicly traded crypto company.

While Bakkt stock is not doing well at the moment, only Coinbase and Bakkt are crypto companies whose shares are listed on the stock exchange.

The release of the white man happened at a time when the company’s stock price fell sharply after the stock market. While the company’s stock initially traded at $50, it has since fallen, trading below $9 on Wednesday. Similarly, despite the boom in the crypto market, the crypto company has not created a niche for itself since its debut.

Bakkt boasted that he would use his connections to Wall Street to market Bitcoin and crypto en masse, in part through close collaboration with regulators. It is still difficult to achieve his dream.