Aviva Life Insurance launches Saral Pension Plans

Aviva Life Insurance has launched the Aviva Salal Pension Plan, the only individual premium pension plan that it is not a part of or involved in. This allows customers to make decisions about retirement plans and issue guidelines based on their needs.

According to the company, Aviva Saral’s retirement plan offers one-time benefits that guarantee a lifetime of regular income, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual retirement benefits, and unconditional loans. Work.

If the retiree dies, a premium for the full purchase price is paid to the candidate. The insurance contract can be terminated at any time six months after its inception if the retiree, spouse or child of the retiree is diagnosed with a serious illness specified in the insurance policy.

Vinit Kapahi, Marketing Manager of Aviva Life Insurance, said: “We launched the Aviva Salal pension plan in line with IRDAI’s vision to offer instant ready-to-use annuity products with simple features.”

Some of the key features of the Aviva Salal Retirement Program are:

> Lifetime income guarantee: Pay only once and enjoy your lifetime regular income guarantee from next month onwards

> Options to secure the future of your loved ones: With the communal housing option, you also have the option of securing your spouse’s future income.

> Loan availability: If you have unexpected life needs, you have the option to take out a loan for the policy 6 months after taking the policy.

> Tax rebates: Tax rebates can be granted according to general tax laws

“We need to plan for retirement because better medical facilities have increased life expectancy and nuclear families are common. Many people sit comfortably irresponsibly. I imagine enjoying life in the golden age. By introducing this product, I want to help our customers realize this dream,” added Kapahi.