Aviva Life Insurance Launches Individual Savings Insurance Plan

Leading non-government insurance company Aviva Life Insurance has just launched Aviva Nivesh Bima – a non-participating independent life insurance policy for select persons. The program offers a guaranteed refund and one-time payment every five years of insurance.

The right advice ensures customers benefit from lifeline safety while building a hull that meets their short-term and long-term needs. The Aviva Nivesh Bima plan offers the option to alert you of pending payments when they are due or expire, a limited time limit for paying prizes, and the ability to increase protection against accidental additional wins. Offers additional tax benefits to customers.

Aviva Nivesh Bima Package: Key Features

Choice of periods with first-class prices and coverage phrases
Annual, semi-annual and monthly premium payment system
Option for added security through added protection for unwanted benefits
Death coverage 11 copies of annual premium
Guaranteed survival is a good thing, about 10 percent of the term given every five years of coverage, excluding the term
Runtime profit is guaranteed after deducting the survival benefit already paid
Tax-free payment in accordance with applicable tax guidelines

This product is intended to attract ambitious value seekers in society seeking a secure return on their investment. The minimum annual coverage premium is only Rs 25,000 to a maximum of Rs 1,000,000, so the coverage can also benefit customers with different budgets and low to medium food threats.

“In uncertain cases, customers will increasingly look for life insurance policies with guaranteed credit points in the future. To align our perspective with the forethought of buyers, we have launched Aviva Nivesh Bima, which enables policyholders to meet their short and long term monetary goals, said Vinit Kapahi, Head of Marketing Function of Aviva Life Insurance.