Aviation Regulator DGCA Temporarily Suspends SpiceJet’s Licence To Carry Dangerous Good

SpiceJet said there was a “minor problem” with packages that were declared “harmless”.

The DGCA has temporarily suspended SpiceJet’s license to transport “dangerous goods” in the event of a suspected violation, sources said. The suspension period is 30 days, during which SpiceJet is not allowed to transport dangerous goods such as lithium-ion batteries on domestic and international flights, sources told PTI on Friday.

When contacted, a SpiceJet spokesman did not directly mention the closure. The airline said there was a “minor problem” with packages blacklisted by shippers as “non-dangerous”.

According to the regulations of the Director of Civil Aviation (Directorate General of Civil Aviation), dangerous goods are goods or substances that can pose a risk to health, safety, property, or the environment. “DGCA suspended SpiceJet’s dangerous goods license for 30 days for violating dangerous goods regulations,” a source said.

As a result, airlines are “banned” from carrying such cargo on flights over the network, he said. Director of Civil Aviation Arun Kumar was not immediately available for comment.

“There was a slight problem with the package declaration by the sender and the return by the shipper. SpiceJet has taken precautions following the advice of the DGCA,” said a SpiceJet spokesperson. In a statement.