Kuala Lumpur: Minister of Education Datuk Radzi Zidin, 2,100 teachers who refuse or have not received the Covid-19 vaccine will be given new assignments or assignments depending on the current needs of their schools. (Pixel) he said on People’s Sofa today.

Even though these special teachers are not allowed to teach their students physical or face-to-face lessons, that doesn’t mean they don’t do anything.

“The ministry will consider the best approach. For example, some schools may have staff fully vaccinated, but some will have three people teaching the same subject,” he said.

He answered a question from Pak Karupiah (PH-Padang Sarai) who wanted to know what the ministry would do because vaccinated teachers had to bear the extra workload because unvaccinated teachers couldn’t read. Schools will reopen soon.

“This is a problem, so vaccination teachers need to work harder,” said Karusaha.

To date, 412,000 teachers, 83% of the national total, have been fully vaccinated, while 96.5% have received their first dose.

When RSN asked Rayer (PH-Jelutong) if there was any action against teachers who refused to be vaccinated, Raji said the ministry would follow instructions from the Public Service Department (JPA) because teachers are civil servants.

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